Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Birthday pancake cake

Monday, September 22, 2014

The work of Louise Saxton

I came upon the work of Melbourne-based artist Louise Saxton on Pinterest awhile back and I stopped dead in my tracks. I don't know if you can tell the scale of these works but it consists of hand embroidery and other found objects from around the house. Aren't they exquisite?

Heart Garden, made of reclaimed needlework, lace pins, nylon tulle
Major Tom 2010, made of reclaimed needlework, lace pins, nylon tulle
Weep, 2009
Last Gasp, made of reclaimed needlework, lace pins, nylon tulle

DIY birthday candle crown

You guys loved the birthday cake chandelier. Hooray! Well, continuing on the Lars birthday celebration, here's another for you, a birthday candle crown. Your birthday is no longer complete without it, right? Ashley nailed it again with this fun crown that your special birthday friend will love. 
photography by Trisha Zemp
crafting by Ashley Isenhour
styling by Brittany Jepsen

Get the full tutorial below!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This week

This week the Internet was all abuzz with talk of Merrilee Liddiard's new kid's craft book, Playful, that I styled with Meta Coleman and photographed by Nicole Hill Gerulat. And thanks to you, it's #1 in paper crafts, puppetry, and toys! Above is one of the scenes of the cardboard rowhouse scene. Isn't it dreamy?! Wahoo! Is it conceited to give it away as gifts for baby showers? Because I kind of want everyone to see it! Order your own copy (on sale!) here.

This week we also made the raddest stop motion video and I can't wait to share it with you soon. Don't you love teasers?!

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This Girl

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I wanna see this!

photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat
prop styling by Meta Coleman 
wardrobe styling by me
photo from Merrilee Liddiard's new book Playful
hair by Kamra Christensen

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Playful is out!

Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
K, you really gotta get on Instagram because I've been sharing up a storm the release of Merrilee Liddiard's, Playful, a book that she wrote and I styled with Meta Coleman with photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat published by STC Craft, a division of Abrams Books.

Merrilee has become a good friend since making it last year and I'm so proud of her and excited to see where this takes her. Her work is impeccable. She has a true love of crafting for kids and this book is evidence of that with the clever and simple projects she created that are perfect for a rainy day. Her work as a professional illustrator is sprinkled throughout the book with darling illustrations here and there.

This was a true collaboration in every sense of the word. I was brought on as the wardrobe stylist and Meta did the props but we worked hand in hand and relied on each other for opinions and back up. The world of kids is one I never thought I would enter pre having kids but I've loved getting to know the world a bit better. I mean, how can you know when it turns out like this?! I found so many wonderful clothing companies that I wish I could keep for my own kids some day.

I think we created a book that captures what it's like to be a child. There's color and whimsy and cute details.
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
This is one of my favorite scenes with the Brooklyn row houses. We initially tried to get it as the cover of the book, but then there turned out to be so many other favorites.
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
Could you die over these sweet little girls? Merrilee shows how to make these adorable wooden face necklaces and we matched the hair. And the adorable clothing from Wunway Kids was perfection. Wunway became a go-to source for much of the book because they nail their style. Meta knocked it out of the park with the stacked books. 
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
These little lovebirds genuinely love each other. Aren't they the sweetest?! I had Merrilee draw on some bird details onto her tights to reflect the cardboard bird costume.
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
This one might be my favorite. Of course, I say that to all of them though. The party scene was so much fun to create. Meta opened up her home for much of the shoot and this one was in her little girl's room with the amazing chalkboard wall. I love the drama created with the blackboard. It was a wonderful way to show off the cardboard tiger pinata. And, this was also the birth of the famous balloon arch. I knew I wanted to do some type of installation with balloons and I gathered a whole lot to go crazy with it. I hadn't yet perfected the technique so by the time it was ready to shoot much of the balloons were gone--they hadn't stuck to the wall or to each other. But at least a few of them stayed and it was just enough to create a festive look. And I love all the bright clothing with shops like Wolf and Rita, Zara, Wunway, gorgeous leather shoes from Nathalie Verlinden, and some of Meta's vintage pieces.
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
This bird pattern from Wolf and Rita is one of my all-time favorites!
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
Ohmyword. The kids in this scene are too much (especially little Nohea, second from right!). We used Goat Milk's awesome white basics to create this puppet parade scene as well as some adorable wellies from Polarn O. Pyret.
Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.
And if you don't think that's magical enough, take a look at the trailer for the book done by Jenner Brown and styled by Meta Coleman and Merrilee Liddiard. 

Are you dying?! 

But these are just a few of the images from the book. You'll need to run and grab it for yourself! Playful is now available at book stores near you or you can get a copy on Amazon here (and it's on sale!!!).

I thought you might like some sources on where I got the clothing so here you go:

DIY Birthday cake chandelier

It was this time 6 years ago that I started The House that Lars Built for a residential design class for graduate school. I used my new blog as a place to put my homework assignments and my ode to Trader Joes* and other frivolous yet totally important stuff. It continued that way for a couple of years until our wedding was released online and people started to ask how we made the decor from it, like the big paper flowers. Soon I was getting asked to contribute DIYs to different websites and all of a sudden, without realizing it, Lars became a DIY site. Though it's only been a couple of years that I found the DIY focus on Lars, it's been SIX years since I started it for class and that deserves a celebration, non? 

To kick off the birthday festivities Ashley made a birthday cake chandelier that would be perfect to create as an heirloom piece and bring it out for each holiday. She took the traditional tiered chandelier, flipped it upside down, added some birthday candles, and voila! Let's get to it shall we? 

photography by Trisha Zemp
craft by Ashley Isenhour
styling by Brittany Jepsen

Click below to see the step by step tutorial!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Room to room: cork

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lars (play)List: Bak 2 Skool

Is everyone back in school now? We thought we'd brighten up your bak-2-skool gloom with a rad playlist from Kev. It's all about insecurities, secret crushes (including one of my all time favorites from Feist), and young party life. I've been listening to it all day and I'm anxious and excited and ready to party all at once.

Take a listen here or play the Spotify Playlist below. And take a look at all the photos after the jump.

(and pssst: I'll be showing how to make the oversized pencil and paintbrush soon! Because, uh, who doesn't need one in their house?)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mommy blog for a day with Kiwi Crate

No, I haven't been keeping a secret from you. I don't have a long lost daughter but after this shoot I thought about stealing her. Isn't she precious?! 

I've been spotting all these mommy bloggers writing reviews about Kiwi Crate and I never thought I'd get asked to write one because I don't have kids. Little did they know that I'm the neighborhood craft hangout! I get kids dropping by all the time to come and craft with me and I have to say it's the highlight of my week. It's probably the highlight of theirs too to see an adult who doesn't put their "toys" away. My house is a crafty mess 95% of the time. SO, you can imagine I was thrilled when Kiwi Crate asked me to review their craft kits. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have something ready to go the next time they stopped by.

Kiwi Crate is an award-winning, monthly subscription service that provides all the hands-on materials to inspire creative, educational fun. With themes like music, color, robots, and safari, these crates deliver everything needed for unique activities that you and your kids can enjoy together especially at the start of a new school year. They make it super easy for parents to provide meaningful experiences for their children without running around trying to find all the materials. It comes in a cute green box with everything you need to make it. It's much cheaper than buying the materials yourself. Each monthly crate includes all the materials and inspiration for 2-3 hands-on projects including a 16 page magazine with additional activities, delivered straight to your door. 

They are announcing today 4 new brands including their Koala, Tinker, and Doodle crates. the Koala is aimed at 3-4 year olds and aids in developmental processes. The Tinker is aimed at kids 9-14 and is focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. The Doodle is aimed at girls ages 9-16 and is focused on rad DIY projects like friendship bracelets, candles, and pouches.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
9 year old Swayzie and her sister Eliza, 2,  were kind enough to join me in making some finger puppet farm animals last week and we had a ball. The kits were great for the age gap though Eliza's animals were a bit more, ummm, mutant with either one eye ball or none or 5.

Look at those little hands! I die.
Little crafting hands
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Swayzie was such a good older sister. She taught Eliza how to make the puppets. At one point Eliza gathered all of them together and said "best friends". Heart melt. Oh boy, if I'm gushing about other kids now just wait until I have kids of my own. Aghh! 
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Eliza's four eyed chicken.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
 Swayzie's puppets were perfectly normal with no mutations.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
I've said it before and I say it again, the moment I am with child I will go full on mommy/craft blog. WARNING! But in the mean time, it was fun playing a mommy for a day. Thanks for indulging me! And do consider signing up. As a future working mommy I think it would be the best time saver.

Kiwi Crate is giving 25% off the 1st month subscription with the code THTLB. New subscribers will receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit. 

photography by Trisha Zemp
dresses from Mabo Kids
rug from Interwoven

This post is sponsored by Kiwi Crate. Thank you to the brands who make this blog possible.

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This week

Ever reach that point where you just need to sit and do nothing? That's me this week. Only I'm still waiting to sit down. I have some fun projects in the works that I can't wait to show you one day. One day...meaning, it's coming but I can't show you yet. I know. I'm a tease.

This photo above is from my instagram (@houselarsbuilt). Chat Books hooked me up with my Instagram photos in printed form. At first I thought it would be silly to see all my pictures in print (what's the point of having them digital, right?) but many of them are from our time in Copenhagen so I'm loving the memories they trigger in tangible form. Chat Books is giving everyone the chance to print their pictures for free when you enter BRITNY at checkout. You have to order at least 3 books and then you'll get your first one free. It's pretty fun especially if you use Instagram as your scrapbook. Just download the app to get started and they make it really easy to pick your photos.

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Watermelon collar
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Rachel Khoo was kind enough to interview me for her blog. I love her!

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Te he. But I still love it.

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This girl

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding the perfect shade of pink paint

As you might remember, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect shade of pink to paint the walls of our house. In fact, I currently have a wall of paint swatches waiting to be painted solid. For some reason I’m super wary of making the wrong decision because I don’t like investing time and money into something that I may change depending on my mood. I take every home renovation idea seriously including paint colors.

However, I finally found inspiration for the perfect shade of pink with a tea towel I’ve been saving for awhile but the problem was, how do I translate that into the perfect paint color?

LUCKILY, Valspar stepped in at the right time and introduced me to their new line of paint + primer in one , Valspar Reserve. It features HydroChroma Technology which offers exceptional color matching and super-strength pigments. It gave me the confidence to find the perfect shade. With over 3,000 color options they gave me plenty to work with.

I finally have the perfect shade so which one did I choose? Watch the video!

It’s called Valspar Snow Pa and I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with my place and how it works in my basement apartment. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon!

Valspar Reserve is available exclusively at Lowe’s, find the location nearest you here.

This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint

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DIY room to room: flooring