Friday, December 19, 2014

This week

I just received the new pyrite dress from Ace and Jig in the mail last week. I've worn it every day since..Meta got a shot of me on her newly reupholstered Josef Frank sofa. I love it so so much. 

Greetings from sunny SoCal! I just got to Orange County last night to spend the holidays with my family. Paul, on the other hand, left for Denmark to visit his family. Ha! Let's just say, me and Denmark don't do well together from the October to April months.

We immediately got to work decking the holidays in my parent's home last night. My mom is the ultimate crafter but these past years she's self-proclaimed "over it" so that means my sister and I get to do WHATEVER WE WANT. It's a crafter's dream come true. And I haven't really been able to d any holiday projects this year because I've been working on some freelance projects the past few months so I'm hoping to make up for lost time.

Links of note:
Serial wrapped up this week. I haven't listened to the last episode yet but I was pretty sure early on that there wouldn't be a clean wrap up. Here's a parody on the expectations of the last episode.
Dad gave not so great gifts but the kids reactions are the best. So sweet!
My friend just created the most perfect slip
If I were to go to Denmark this holiday I would buy these to survive
This is EXACTLY what I witnessed in Denmark with my husband's job. We need to learn from them.

Fun things to make this weekend: 
Love these Christmas light garlands from Studio DIY
These oversized ornament message boards are right up my alley! 
Love these crepe paper swirlers
I will be printing these off
I love this modern wreath

Lars elsewhere: 
Add a touch of gold on Interior Collective
New Year's Eve decor ideas

Happy weekend before Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Painted canvas clutch

If you're looking for a fun, homemade gift to give for the holidays, Star White of Camp Makery came up with this great idea: a painting clutch! And she's showing us how to make it today.

Now, I know some of you will think "How dare you ruin someone's work of art!" but let's think more along the lines of a thrift store paintings that will probably get more visibility as a clutch than on the ground floor. I love the idea of repurposing an object and turning it into something new and usable.

Painted canvas clutch by Star White of Camp Makery
Photography by Trisha Zemp
Styling by Brittany Jepsen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lars' (play)List: December

Two years ago today Paul and I left our home in Copenhagen, Denmark (see above) for America. How fitting to release Kev's December playlist than this momentous day! It's perfect for holiday gatherings and time with loved ones. Enjoy!

This home was renovated about a year after we moved in. When they were doing some work on our part of the house--we live on the top floor--they discovered that we had no insulation, which explained our not so warm first winter there. It's also the winter that confirmed that I could never live in Denmark permanently. Ha!

What's a favorite story of a place you've lived in???

playlist by Lars music editor Kev Nemelka

See full playlist below or  click here to be taken to Spotify 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday gift guide: for the crafter

Alrighty, all you crafters and soon-to-be-crafters...time to get your craft closets stocked! This holiday gift guide crafter's edition is a collection of some of my all time favorite craft products along with some I wish I had.
  1. Yellow tissue fan--I find I use these tissue balls for so many craft projects! And plus they're just fun to have on display
  2. Mint tissue ball
  3. Pink tissue diamond
  4. Mint tissue fan
  5. Bone folder
  6. Martha Stewart glue pen
  7. Pom pom trim
  8. Extra blades--100 pack (the best deal!)
  9. Heavy duty paper cutter (so good!)
  10. Glue gun
  11. Glue sticks
  12. Finge scissors from Martha Stewart
  13. Fiskars craft knife (the best and most comfortable!)
  14. Coral spray paint
  15. Pink spray paint
  16. Yellow spray paint
  17. Cricut light mat (best for paper!)
  18. Cricut machine--will change your life
  19. Fine tip glue gun. Great for paper flower making. 
  20. Martha Stewart acrylic paint set
  21. Gold staples
  22. Scissors--these are the best!
  23. Gold vinyl
  24. Crepe paper for paper flower making
  25. Leather cording
  26. Circle cutter from Martha
  27. Eiffel tower scissors
  28. Encyclopedia of Crafts by Martha Stewart
  29. Metallic confetti--somehow I always find confetti helpful for crafting
  30. Micron pen set
What's your all-time favorite craft tool?

Midsummer Mingle video

This is SO SO you even remember Midsummer Mingle? 

A few of us threw one epic garden party (if I do say so myself ;) celebrating Midsummer and Abby Keenan caught all the details on video and turned it into a delightful video. If you're just joining Lars, we hosted a party as a way to say thank you to our supporters, but it turned into something much much more. Gathering some wonderful people and creating a beautiful setting became magic and now it leaves the question...

do we repeat it next year? If so, would you come?

Here are a few links from the event:
There's even a playlist from the event here

Midsummer Mingle was made possible by generous friends like Cricut, Save on Crafts, Atly, The Land of Nod, Printmark, and Partyland.