Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Life to Art: Flamingos

I always find the transformation from "real life" (I know, I know...what is real? what is art?) ---> art piece fascinating. So starting today I'm going to start doing a weekly column showing the inspiration sources behind art pieces. Today? Flamingos. A rather odd choice, you say? Well, only because flamingos themselves are rather odd specimens. Beautiful because of their hard-to-find-in-nature pink, but odd because of their, well, look at those granny knobby knees and skyscraper legs. I'm using photography as the starting point of the inspiration source here and not necessarily that these photographs influenced the art shown here directly, but showing the live object as the starting point. The photographer above beautifully captured in a studio setting by Sharon Montrose. Her photos are unbelievably gorgeous and must check out her other animal portraits. Now, I realize that photography in tiself is an art, but it's basically the only tool we have to know what flamingos look like unless we live in a zoo.
Unless, that is, you're Audbon who probably lived with the flamingos and other birds of America. You can't talk about capturing the art of birds without mentioning him. John James Audbon's (you know, Audbon Society) catalog of painted birds in North American set the bar. And for those super interested in Audbon, you'll love Walton Ford's interpretations.
And I can't for the life of me find this source below. So sorry! 
 A simple graphic interpretation of 2 flamingos from Indivisuality
And, of course, Cole and Son's flamingos in a wallpaper repeat
 Other inspiration ---> art peeks included Wayne Pate's Hockney illustration.


M said...

What a fun post! I loved the images. I was also reminded of Alexander Calder's "Flamingo" sculpture (see here.

Miss B. said...

oh brilliant M! you know, i didn't know he made literal references with his works.