Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14th day of Christmas crafts: Swedish oranges

Remember the American Girl dolls? Now they're all Mattel and flashy, but when I was 10 they were simple and classy. Kirsten, the Swedish American girl was my favorite and I read the book series religiously. In the Christmas book, Kirsten's Surprise,  there was a part about Swedish Christmas oranges with cloves and I have always wanted to make them, but I think it took moving to Scandinavia to actually do so. Since yesterday was Santa Lucia day, it was a perfect time to try it out. 


sue said...

D'you know I make these every year, I love them so much, they smell so fantastic. I put mine in a little bowl by the fire where it's warm and the scent fills the house. Lovely!

Miss B. said...

hmmm, that's a good idea!