Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shirley Kurata

I was going to post a "This Girl" today and started with this top image of stylist Shirley Kurata as my first inspiration. Then I started clicking away and discovered that her home is already the perfect reflection of her personal style. The pom pom shoes! The geometric bow tunic/dress. You kidding me?! As for her home...clearly the yellow staircase set me over the edge. She is now kindly added to my "Kindred Spirits" board.

She was to describe her personal style by Refinery29 and said, "I'm really bad at describing myself, but I guess mod secretary style? I'm usually a mixture of vintage and new." I'd say so!

Read the rest of the interview and see more pictures of her and her LA home here.


Jennifer King said...

I'm so fascinated by her style! And I love how it's reflected within every inch of her home. And her styling work is so unique too! Thanks for introducing me to this lovely artist!

Miss B. said...

she's my new favorite too!

ashley said...

ooooo. kindred spirit indeed! this post will inspire hours of daydreaming.