Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Friendship bracelet chair cushion for design*sponge

After I made the rug I kept on eyeing my blue chair thinking, "there's gotta be a way to apply the friendship bracelet process" and it worked out like a charm! In fact, it's a bit easier to work with a chair than a rug because you can work directly from the spokes. This DIY was featured on design*sponge yesterday (as was a reference to my oversized paper flowers by Ruche).
Materials: 2 sets of 8 pieces of fabric (can be repeated colors), needle, thread, scissors
Step 1: Pair the colors together and start by tying two around the first spoke.
Step 2: Continue pairing and tying the colors until you get to the middle.
Step 3: Start from the opposite side and work in using the same color order.
Step 4: Begin the friendship bracelet process with the number four. These next few steps are the same as the rug. Check out the instructions here
Step 5: When you get to the end cut off the ends and stitch them up with a needle and thread.
Step 6: Tuck the beginning ends into the cushion.
and of course, photography by Hilda Grahnat 


Dennise said...

I saw that you were featured on Design Sponge! How exciting! You really are amazing!

kurt said...

handy andy move over! that's really cool. it reminds me of the "rag" rugs my grandmother used to weave from plastic bread sacks.

Betsy said...

So cute! How long do the pieces of fabric need to be?

Miss B. said...

I bought 1.5 meters of fabric and then sewed two 1.5m pieces together so they were quite long. I ended up cutting a lot off.

Hannah said...

Just had a (very) quick go at this project after coming across your site today - fantastic idea! I can't wait to try it as a long rug for the hallway. Thankyou for posting the project, your blog's really inspiring.

anhesty said...

omg what a great DIY! love it!!!

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Rubber Bracelets said...

Nice tutorial. i like it:)

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