Friday, March 16, 2012

God weekend!

I stumbled on this dreamy mint cycle this afternoon. Jaw. Drop. Oversized basket on a mint Amsterdam? You kidding me? After having two bicycles stolen now, I hesitate in really desiring anything remotely beautiful, but a girl has got to dream, right?

edit: I should clarify that the title of this post is not sacrilege nor is it a type-o. That's Danish for "have a good weekend."

Have a lovely weekend!

Here's what went on this week:
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Shamrock wreath DIY (happy St. Patty's!) for Chalkboard Magazine 
any ideas?
Q&A with Charlotte Rivers

photo from my Instagram


Special Scout said...

Total dream bike! What is the make of it, do you know?

Miss B. said...

It said "Amsterdam".

Jacqueline said...

I presumed that God meant good but it could also have been a reminder to go to Church on Sunday!

Alice said...

Bikes stolen?? Even in Denmark?! What hope is there left in the world then?

eat my shorts said...

That is indeed a very nice bike! :)

Miss B. said...

@Alice, ha ha ha! I've had 2 bikes stolen, a bike basket, a lock...I don't know what to think!

Traveling Mama said...

My husband has his seat stolen. They told us afterwards that he should have had a lock on it. You live, you learn!

sue said...

Lovely bike, a bit of bunting round that basket and your good to go!

Miss B. said...

@sue...what a cute idea!