Friday, June 15, 2012

This week: Birthday edition

I've never been one to admit to wanting a big birthday. I was trying to take after my mom who is the least fussy person on the planet and genuinely forgets her birthday, but truthfully, I think everyone should be made a big deal one day of the year. That said, this one kind of turned into a week long celebration and I was not complaining. My friend, Becca, was in town and we played tourist around Copenhagen seeing the Copenhagen Boy's Choir at Vor Frue Kirke. Is it creepy to say that I love boy's choirs? Because I do. I die every time. I'm pretty sure that's what heaven will sound like. I also die every time I see peonies and Jaqueline was so graciously kind to bring me some. Die! But don't let all these adventures and good times fool you, I got sick on Sunday and only now am I starting to feel a bit better. I know, I know, whip out your violin and play me a sad song.

This went on this week:
I celebrated my 30th birthday on Monday with a cupcake stand, my last DIY for Oh Happy Day
Here are a few things I learned about DIYing while contributing for OHD
I did this wood bead necklace for A Merry Mishap
The best in umbrellas at Brooklyn Bride
I was honored to be asked to contribute to Martha Stewart's blog and did this (more next week)
Also, the second project came out for design*sponge (again, more next week)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I feel like I have great supporters in all of you and I'm so grateful. Have a lovely weekend!

photos from my Instagram


Rosie said...

I (and we, your readers) think you are great - wishing you a belated happy birthday and the very, very best with the blog (and all other things!) in the year to come!

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

MARTHA STEWART! oh my word I just squealed out of excitement for you :) Obviously Martha is my idol, and your DIYs this week are amazing!! That picnic bike basket? are you kidding me? you miss B never cease to amaze me.

Janae Wise said...

Congrats on the contributions. I'd say Martha Stewart is a pretty big step, but not surprised, talented lady.

Happy belated birthday, btw!

Caroline @trend-daily said...

Hope you had a wonderful 30th lovely miss b! Huge congratulations on the Martha s feature clever lady! :-)

Sandra_Stillestund said...

Hppy birthday! And congratulations on the Martha Stewart job :-) I love those paper flowers.