Friday, June 22, 2012

This week

This week we got ONE DAY OF SUNSHINE! Halle- (and this is the closest thing to cussing you'll ever hear from me) -freakin-lujah! It was glorious. It makes bike riding so enjoyable. It makes LIFE so enjoyable. Not to mention everyone is so nice to you. Most of the days look like the bottom right photo (and no I'm not depressed. Just honest. And I'm from SoCal so I've got a high standard). I've been a busy bee working on a special event that I've leaked on Facebook, but I'll officially announce on Monday. Ye haw! Hint: It involves some of my favorite bloggers and Copenhagen.

This week:
Make a picnic basket liner and pouch. Then dye it a sunset! DIY for design*sponge
We toured the Golden Circle in Iceland
Make a paintbrush roll-up holder out of a placemat. DIY for Martha Stewart
This Girl lives in a moody, yellow world
also, I made a save-the-date printable for the Etsy wedding blog (but more about that next week)

all photos taken from Instagram with the Visual Supply app. 


Rosie Hedger said...

Enjoy the sunshine if it returns to you - England is damp damp damp, and my weekend of camping in the Lake District has been duly cancelled! Showers I can deal with, but thunder is off-putting and, when in a tent (laregly plastic, but with metal poles), lightning is downright terrifying!

Caroline @trend-daily said...

Ooh how exciting Miss B. Can't wait to hear all about it!! We're freezing over here too!! Happy weekend! X :-)

withouthinking said...

Your weather excitement reminds me of exactly how I felt living in Seattle when a sunny day would by chance come our way. People are SO nice! Its a good day to ask for stuff eh ;)

elissa said...

sounds like a great week and an even better day of sunshine. good luck with the project. can't wait to hear more about it.

Toni @ Skandivis said...

I know it's now Monday and the sun has long gone right? Great collage especially love the bike with shadow :)