Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to make a floral crown: Part 2

Round 2! (See round 1 here). I just can't get enough of these floral crowns. In my ideal world I'm making a new one daily and sporting it around town. (But who says I can't?!). Now, take a look at Agnes here. Are you dying?! I spotted her at the Kvickly, a super market here in town. Well, actually, I spotted her dress first. I want one for myself. And then I looked up and saw her darling curls, and then she turned around and she killed me with cuteness. Look at that face! I thought she'd be great for a shoot one day but alas, I didn't have the courage to do anything about it. Well, we went outside to retrieve our bikes and there she was with her mom. It was a sign. Paul encouraged me to just do something about it so I mustered up the gumption (very un-Danish to do this!) and told her mom that she has an adorable daughter and that I'd love to put her in a photoshoot. In hind sight, it's kinda creepy. But then again, I've been told I don't give off creepy vibes, thankfully.
The pattern is basically same as the first post, but just simplified with the variety of flowers. I chose basic daisies from the garden as kids can easily pick them assemble them themselves.

Step 1: Cut them to size, 5-9" in length each.
Step 2: Cross one over the other to start.
Step 3: Tuck it under, bring it to the top and fold down with the first one.
Step 4: Repeat the process with another flower and continue until you get to the right length. At the end just tuck in the last flower into the first flower. For extra fullness, tuck in some more flowers afterwards.
Adorable right? Thank you Agnes and her mom, Stine, for being willing to come and model!

Photos by Amanda Thomsen
This tutorial was made for Hello Bee (an awesome parenting site with lots of DIYs!)


Judith said...

Ohhhh Agnes is so ADORABLE & the perfect model for this cute crown. Love it, Brittany!

Lindsay said...

OH MY WORD. What an adorable little girl! Makes me like my curly hair more. Why is it so much cuter on kids? :)

Luna said...

I love the dress too... me want! We are heading into Spring here (AUS) so I can't wait to make a floral crown for myself :)

willowday said...

Your curly haired friend would fit in perfectly around our Swedish midsummer pole! Cute.

It's been a long time since I've been here during busy Summer , buy I just ran across this/you at Hello Bee. This post feels like a "bookend" for the Summer! My daughter and I use the exact same tried and true technique as in June, as we prepared for midsummer. It's amazing how well this technique works and the joy it spreads.

Brittany Watson said...

@willowday, right?! it's so easy and perfect for Midsummer. I REALLY wanted to do a photoshoot for midsummer, but alas, the summer slipped by! :(

Sachi said...

I can't tell you how adorable this post is. And the floral crown and the model. Dreamy ! <3

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a very good tutorial.
I love the idea! I love the concept! I love the end results! The girl is absolutely adorable! BUT...I still don't know how to do this. :( I couldn't tell what to weave to what.