Friday, September 21, 2012

This week & small announcement (no, not that kind)

The Mom left this week. *Shedding tears*. It was so great to have her here. This was her first trip to Denmark and I'm glad to have experienced it with her. We had so many magical moments. In fact, I think most of our trip could be classified as such. We found the right towns, the right museums, the restaurants. Not always, but those we found we treasured. We also had our share of inevitable foreigner moments (think stuck in an alley of steps in our rental car in France thanks to our GPS system). Come back soon!

As for my small announcement...I had to preface it with the above modifier because no, the stork has not arrived as the term "small announcement" might have alluded to. You might have noticed that Lars has been a bit more quiet this week. I'm going to be posting a bit more sporadically as I'm in WAY over my head with work. Even with the help of my new intern for the semester, Josh, there's so much to be done and I like drowning would be an appropriate metaphor. I have some exciting projects ahead and want to do it all right and well, so I figure I'll devote my time to quality posts rather than quantity. I'll still be piping up on my other social media venues regularly, so come and visit me as I work: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest

This week: 
The earth laughs in flowers, doesn't it?
Spreading the ginger love
Envelope liner ideas on Brooklyn Bride
Got to meet the lovely Rachel Khoo yesterday while she was briefly in town. Such a delight! 


Emily said...

Ha! That would have been a BIG announcement! Hang in there girl!

Jess said...

I was just on a road trip through western Europe and my GPS made me drive straight through Zaragoza's main (pedestrianized!) square and almost down a set of stairs too. Technology - great when it works. (But hey, when it doesn't, it makes for a good story)

Jacqueline said...

Everyone has to have a GPS story. On our trip to Provence out GPS drove us through Cannes during the film festival one time and up a hilly goat track on another!

Chelsea said...

Having moms visit is the best! I am so glad you had fun. Although your announcement depresses me a bit because it makes me feel as though it will be hard to see you :( Still, I'm glad you are busy with cool work that you enjoy!