Monday, October 8, 2012

Flower overload

Guys. I thought I loved flowers. And then I made 132 of them and now I'm not so sure anymore. Mind you, that's cutting, shaping, handpainting petals and leaves and stems and...everything! My deadline was last Monday, then Wednesday, then Friday, then Saturday, and then about 41 minutes ago, I finished. And you know what I want to do now? Get a whole new wardrobe. Wardrobe fairy...where are you?

These real dahlias, above, were a gift from Traveling Mama, and I just cannot get enough. They remind me that I really do love what I do. Thank you!

So now that that craziness is done (for now, 2 more installments of the same thing!), I can focus on some much needed blog time. I'm kicking it into gear by FINALLY focusing on a blog makeover for Lars. Hallelujah! But in all honesty, it's me who could really use the makeover. Can we say highlights? Definitely not showing you a picture here (thought there's a peek on Instagram).



Chloe Verde said...

dahlias are one of my faovurite flowers! what an amazing gift. I've only recently got into having fresh flowers around and cant get enough of it.


Ashley // Chasing Heartbeats said...

First, you are amazing for 132 flowers! and second, did you say new look? SUPER exciting!!!
although after all your hard work, you deserve to go shopping too :)

Karen said...

Yay for finishing! :)