Friday, November 9, 2012

This week

Well, this week has ended a bit more quietly than it began huh? I've learned over the past few months that I have a set of very diverse friends. My East Coast friends are generally of one political persuasion while my West Coasters are generally of the opposite. Needless to say, the East Coasters are quite happy. Anyway, that's as political as I'll get here. In non-political news, Christmas is slowly creeping up here in Denmark and I'm embracing it. Above, a sneak preview of the new 2013 calendar coming out next week. Wahoo! Happy weekend!

This Week: 
November's new playlist
An awesome new Holiday book of crafts
Need to add some blue to your wedding get-up? Add a temporary tattoo
The Halloween costume winners
Outfit to Room
Want to make your blog more pro? 15 minutes to a better blog


Yelle said...

I totally took your advice on the 15 minutes to a better blog and chucked the standard about me widget and made a custom one! Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Hello- I just started following you through another blog (which one I cannot seem to remember) and I must chime in that as a West-Coaster I am very happy with the turn of political events. 4 more years!

uncustomary said...

That chandelier! OH my god