Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Scandinavian Christmas day 8

Day 8 of My Scandinavian Christmas is by Mette Kærlig Hilsen, a web designer here in Copenhagen. She is also the blogger behind Ungt Blod (Young Blood), a blog that I can only describe as really cool. She's one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram too. 

All my life Christmas has looked like this. My family moved in to my childhood home the same year I was born and every year Christmas has looked, smelt and felt the same: Dark, warm and full of traditions. 

But last year was our last Christmas in that magical childhood home; in the spring my parents moved out of the huge house and this year I will for the first time celebrate Christmas in my own home; in our small Copenhagen apartment. I will buy my first Christmas tree, I will cook Christmas dinner for the first time and I will be responsible for creating all the special Christmas tradition that my 3-year-old daughter will come to remember.

I feel like this is one of the most grown up steps I have taken since moving out of my parents house 10 years ago. Luckily my daughter gives me a good perspective on all the pressure and stress: I am not even going to try to create the most beautiful, stylish, picture perfect Christmas. instead I will focus on the things that makes her happy: Lots of sparkles, 'nisser', red and white colors and simple family DIY projects - and Santa, of course. 

I love Mette's perspective on the Christmas season and I think it's so important not to get too caught up in being stylish or going overboard. Thank you Mette for participating in My Scandinavian Christmas! Check out Ungt Blod here.


Martina said...

Love this one especially because I've been following Mette's blog for quite some time now, it's one of my favourites. And yes, I completely agree with her! Lovely words. x

by.bak - interior & lifestyle blog said...

Ved præcis hvad du mener - vemodigt på den ene side, at alting er forandret for evigt, men samtidig fantastisk at få lov selv at "komme til ". Rigtig glædelig jul, det skal nok blive helt fantastisk (og så kan man i øvrigt vælge at købe maden udefra, hvis nu præstationsangsten skulle tage over

The House That Lars Built said...

her comments are good to remember. Thanks for your comments!