Monday, January 14, 2013

Lars' (play)List: January

While Lars took a break to move from Copenhagen to the States in late 2012, he's back with a new list for the new year.  Here are some tunes to jump start your twenty-thirteen and week. 

Click here to play the playlist.

by Katie Farber of This, That, & The Other

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willowday said...

Wishing you a happy Move and happy moves! I'm amazed that you're posting at all! Well done!

....I love the photo -- I see a message on the wrappings! :-) What fun! I hope you've had the chance to give away some flowers like this (and keep the art of Scandinavian flower giving up in your new journey) -- I think "this" was where we first met. Beautiful colors and days to you!

The House That Lars Built said...

oh thanks so much Gina! You're so sweet for the encouragement! Thank you!

Jacqueline said...

The only song I recognise is the last one and don't know any of the artists :-)

Jacqueline said...
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The House That Lars Built said...

they're good! Give them a try!