Monday, January 21, 2013

Send a Valentine's day care package

Being married to someone from another country we're always away from family in some way so care packages are of utmost importance (remember the Ultimate Care Package?). And because you can pretty much send anything through the mail I got to thinking of all things heart shaped, which lead me to the idea of making a box, which lead me to think of paper mache boxes. I thought they'd be a fixture at Michael's, but turns out they only sell small little 3 inchers so I had to buy one on Amazon. I'm sure it will get a bit of damage in transit, but I don't really care because I think it would be a joy to receive if I do say so myself.
You will need: paper mache heart box 12" (see link for where I bought mine), paint brushes, acrylic paint (choose your own, but definitely get a white), goodies to fill the care package (conversation hearts are a must!), pencil, eraser, white paint pen

Step 1: Paint the outside of the box pink. Paint inside if you're hard core.

Step 2: Use a pencil and write in simple lettering your phrase.

Step 3: In a darker color, paint on the letters.

Step 4: Use white on the outside of the letters to create a relief.
Step 5: Do your goody thang.
Step 6: I used a white paint pen to write on the address onto the other side. 
I'm kind of stoked to take it to the post office and ship it on it's way. There's a chance it might be cheaper to send it with one of those flat rate boxes, but I'll give it a go this way for ultimate impact. I'll let you know. Paul's brother is in for a treat.

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Lindsay said...

So pretty! I may have to send one to my mom.

PEACHES said...

This is a wonderful idea. I have been working on dressing up a heart box with the intention of keeping it for I'll have more fun sending it along!

Katie Carpenter said...

Did you seal the box up in any way?

Chantelle said...

I'm just so in love with this idea. I think I may steal it as well. :P The Boy will be surprised!

Kathryn said...

Just wanted to let you know that this post was featured in my 2013 Valentine's Day Guide under "military love"!

Melissa said...

Such a lovely project!

Armande said...

Amazing idea, I love the heart box. That would work well for Mothersday too.

Angie Walker said...

I will be featuring this post in a women's online magazine on Thursday. What a great idea!

PIEN. said...

Very nice! I love hand made stuff and it is so much more personal to give to someone! Thanks for your inspiration!

piedev said...

wow.. love this so much.. >.<
thanks for the idea :D

Rosie Gault said...

Perfect gift for a loved one! Since, can't send something like this to him because he is miles away, I'll just give him an electronic version of this one.

Emma Steinkraus said...

A little late, but I loved this project and riffed off it when I made my bf his valentine's present - a papier-mache t-rex holding a valentine's heart box. Thanks for the inspiration!