Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2 simple Valentine's Day gift wrapping ideas

Guys! I kind of have a thing for gift wrapping lately and Valentine's Day is such a sweet time to give cute gifts to your neighbor, teacher, friend, loved one, etc. These 2 gift wrapping ideas are SO easy (you know I like 'em easy) and you probably already have everything you need to do it. Bingo! This first idea is based on an idea I saw for Christmas gift wrap by Martha Stewart, but I added a Valentines spin.
Materials for cut out hearts: x-acto knife, cardstock (or business card), pencil or pen, scissors, wrapping paper, cutting board, secondary color paper (I chose glitter scrapbook paper)

Step 1: Make a template of a heart on a business card and cut it out.
Step 2: With a pencil, use your template to trace around it all over on your wrapping paper. Use a ruler if you want them evenly spaced. (I used a Sharpie in this tutorial so you can see the trace better).
Step 3: With your x-acto knife, cut around one side of the heart from the top to the tip of the bottom.
Step 4: Fold the heart over.
Step 5: Because the glitter paper was so thick I cheated and cut out a strip of paper to line along the backside of the kraft paper gift wrap. If I were to make it super nice I'd probably line the back of the kraft paper. But, then again, I probably wouldn't.
Step 6: Tape it down.
Step 7: Repeat on all the hearts.

OK, the second one is similar to last week's polka dot wrapping. But this time you do a little sculpting.

Materials: scissors, x-acto, pen, wrapping paper (I used red art paper instead), stamp pad (white can be hard to find, here's my recommendation from Amazon)
Step 1: Draw a heart with your pen on the eraser of your pencil.
Step 2: Make simple incisions with your x-acto to chisel the heart. The less strokes the better. Cut it down about half way down the eraser.
Step 3: Stamp away! To get dimension stamp 2 or 3 hearts at a time so the seconds appear fainter.
Done! Tell me those aren't the easiest things you've seen?! And you have all the materials already, right? 


Kersey Campbell said...

The cut out paper is genius. One of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments.

The House That Lars Built said...

you're too generous!

Amanda said...

awesome ideas - I love the Valentine's take on eraser stamping!

Karen said...

love the little eraser one! it's so cute!

Erika @Sausage Jar said...

Great ideas! Red glitter is such a beautiful paper!

Kristin said...

The cut out hearts are so cute! I would squeal if someone gave me a gift wrapped like that!

pam said...

so so cute! love the cut out paper!

mary @ BGjournals said...

love the little heart stamps, what a great idea!

The House That Lars Built said...

thanks guys!

mijbil said...

Your wrapping ideas are so brilliant, thanks for sharing! I featured your post in my Valentine's DIY roundup http://mijbilcreatures.blogspot.se/2013/02/valentines-diy-projects-roundup.html
Thank you for your beautiful pics, and big hugs from an Italian girl in Sweden! :)

Sarah Allred said...

Just TODAY I was thinking, how can I make my hubby's gift look awesome. Britt, you've done it again. :) BM & PF forever, friend.

Jeanee said...

I love the die cut wrapping. I featured it on my Valentine inspiration post on my blog, http://blog.shopdirtylaundry.com/posts/2013/2/12/122-too-cute-tuesday.html >> ENJOY!

Oriental Rug Cleaning said...

What a lovely idea! I really love finding unique ways to wrap gifts. I'll have to give this a try next :)

M Monica said...

I love your site and the heart wrapping ideas!!! I love it so much I had to add a link from my blog! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

<3 your site!



Rebecca Ingham said...

These are so cute! I'd even use it for little girl birthday gifts too.

More about Allied Locksmiths said...

Just in time for my hubby's birthday. I'm going to copy the idea. Thanks a lot. :)

Kathln said...

We just added this to our latest round up because this is so gorgeous and easy to make too! :)

buttons and paint... said...

Love this idea! Wouldn't it be lovely to receive a present wrapped like this! We've featured this in our heart crafts round up, with a link back :) x