Thursday, December 12, 2013

Candycane wrapping

I've been dying to share this story with you, dear readers, for a few months. Audrey Ellsworth is my star intern who's become a good friend. She puts up with a lot and I can count on her to provide brilliant ideas and practicality. It's a fantastic mix. Her birthday was a few months ago and I was antsy to give her a print I had bought ages ago by Jenny Vorwaller called "Sitting pretty" because, well, look! 
I gave her the print and then a few hours later she sent me the photo on the right. She had recreated the painting. Spitting image, non?! This anecdote relates to candy cane gift wrap how, you ask?

Well, I needed some last minute gift wrap to put around the cardboard tube I gave her and decided to paint it candy cane stripes, of course. I thought it'd be a fun Christmas idea, especially if you need to send a care package for Christmas or if you're giving an art print. I'm sending a mini candy cane package out to someone tomorrow, in fact (look for it on Instagram). It's easy and fun and I bet you already have everything you need to do it.

So, what do you need exactly? This: 
I'm not even going to verbalize the directions because I think you can see how easy it is.
Fun and easy. My two favorite words.

photography by Trisha Zemp


Julie-Katie H said...

Sister Ellsworth is your star intern?! Power team right there! Tell her hi from Julie hatch/Haimann (cannot remember if I was married when she was in DC). Anywho, so fun to see the behind the scenes and recognize a sister :)

The House That Lars Built said...

yes! she's the best!

More about Lockout 24 Hour Locksmiths said...

Great tutorial. Easy to follow and clear. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Georgia Milton said...

Great wrapping idea! Thank you for the tutorial. This looks cute and easy to make.

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Tammy Thiele said...

This is perfection. As is your handwriting!


j. vorwaller said...

The best inspiration ever! Just emailed you Brittany, thank you for your beauty, both you and Miss Ellsworth!