Monday, January 13, 2014

How to make a paper flower daffodil

photography by Trisha Zemp

I was holding onto my templates to publish a book on it all, but it looks like there are just too many paper flower books out or on the horizon :( I was too late! So, I'll start sharing some tutorials with you from time to time. This one was requested by a reader in Copenhagen who has been taking my paper flower class on Skillshare and whose son calls them "Brittany flowers". I nearly died when I heard that as you can imagine.

Daffodils are the ultimate spring flower, but the beauty of paper flowers is that you can make them all year long so why not bring in some sunshine now? I adapted this one from a vintage paper flower book. It's the same one I made at all my workshops this past year.

Materials: double sided crepe paper in the color of your choice, double sided green paper, single sided crepe paper (for the orange), wire cutters, scissors, glue gun, floral wire, thicker 18 gauge wire (I cut mine in half so it's about 9"), stamen (the middle of the flower, the red thingies above--I got mine from an antique store but you can search vintage stamen or just stamen on Etsy), template (download here)

Step 1. Cut out the templates. I cut mine out on chipboard so they are sturdier and last longer

Step 2. I started with what I call the "buttercup" which is the orange in the first picture. The three lines on the template indicate the grain of the crepe paper so align that first. The side of the right angle is to be placed on a gold.

Step 3. Bring the two ends together and glue them together to firm a circle.

Step 4. With your thumbs and forefingers, do what's called "fluting" and shape the wavy pattern at the top by going back and forth so that it creates a wave effect.

Step 5. Now cut out the petals. It's easier to cut out multiples if you accordion fold them. Cut out 6. Make sure you have aligned them with the grain of the crepe paper.

Step 6. With the edge of your scissors, gently curl each petal. Not too much. It should be an easy curl.

Step 7. With your thumb and forefinger, "flute" each side of the petal so that it's wavy.

Step 8. Gentle stretch each petal. Again, not too much. This will create a firmer, more natural shape.

Step 9. Cut out your leaves.

Step 10. Cut out what will be your stem by cutting a 3/4" width strip of crepe paper from the green going against the grain. I folded it to go more quickly.

Step 11. Stretch out the stem paper very gently.

Step 12. Insert your stamen into the buttercup.

Step 13. Insert your thicker wire that will be the stem.

Step 14. Tie it together at the bottom with a 3" piece of floral wire.

Step 15. With your forefinger, gently go around the inside of the buttercup to create a more rounded shape at the bottom.
Step 16. Now it's time to attach the petals. Add a dab of glue at the bottom of each petal and attach it just above the wire. Evenly spread out the first three petals and then add in the remaining petals.

Step 17. Gently stretch your leaf out so it gives a bit of shape. I usually do it more at the top.

Step 18. Glue a strip at the edge of the stem paper and attach it to the bottom ridge of the petals, making sure you hide the wire.

Step 19. Wrap the stem paper tightly around the stem. 

Step 20. When you would like to add in a leaf, simply pause the winding and insert it in. Then continue wrapping around. Add in another leaf if you'd like.

Step 21.When you've reached the end, glue it to the bottom.

Step 22. Style the daffodil by bringing the bloom at an angle. Remember, a daffodil always faces the sun!



Ann Martin said...

What a bummer you missed out on doing a book about your beautiful paper flowers, Brittany. I love this tutorial and look forward to future posts.

Melanie Haynes said...

So happy, so happy I could cry! From a reader in Copenhagen with a super cute son! xxx
PS still do the book please, your tutorials are the best!

Boyer Family Singers said...

Dear Brittany,

I am so glad that you didn't let the already-published-paper-flower-books get you down and make you feel like you need to hide in the corner! I love your flowers! And guess what? Since the ending of Christmastide, I have begun my own flower journey, however I will hesitantly say with the help of Thuss and Farrell's Paper to Petal flower book. I have learned a lot, and am so excited to wake up every day and think, " I get to make more flowers today!" Your techniques of flower making are slightly different than what they offer in their book, and I find that really helpful!

And thank you for sending that kind email to us girls! As we said earlier, we LOVE IT when we get chipper comments from experienced bloggers such as yourself!!!

Cheers to you, flowers, and fab blog!


The eldest sister & singer

A Petal Unfolds said...

I'm sure there is still a book deal out there for you Brittany! Thank you for featuring my rose on your Skillshare blogpost.


Anna K said...

Do you have any good resources for this double sided crepe paper? Im' having a hard time finding it!

The House That Lars Built said...

Yes! Try Castle in the Air. It's an online shop.

Paulette Leto said...

Honestly, I think you should consider doing the book anyway. I've made paper flowers from a couple of tutorials before, but I like yours the best! They come out so much nicer than the ones I've tried before.

srpprcrftr said...

I am so glad I found this website so I can advance my paper flower making skills and knowledge. Your flowers and projects are beautiful. So sorry about the book idea but maybe soon? Hope so for your happiness. I love the tutorial for the daffodil, it is exquisite. I love paper crafts, could occupy myself every day making things with paper but have to make myself do my chores, ugh, who wants to do chores? I'd so much rather be paper crafting. It's gratifying to know other people love to do the same. So much inspiration. Happy Spring days