Friday, January 10, 2014

Print & make origami business card holder

photography by Trisha Zemp 

Gah! Alt Summit, the annual blogging conference I mentioned the other day, is in less than two weeks and I have so much to do like make business cards. I have a temporary one that does the job for now and needed a way to protect it when it's swirling around my large bag so I decided to make a simple one doing origami. I thought others out there might benefit from one too so I made a printable version you can download for free. The steps are super easy. It fits the standard 3.5x2" card. It also fits a standard gift card the same way.

You will need: print off the template (download it here), scissors or paper cutter
  1. Cut down the template to 8.5" square. The sides of the florals are cropped off so it should be easy to identify. If you want to make a gift card holder, make the template 9" square.
  2. Place the printed side down on the table.
  3. Start by folding in each of the four corners. You'll know where to fold according to the pattern on the back.
  4. Fold in the two sides of the floral pattern. Keep these folds super tight.
  5. Turn the patterned side down again and fold the long edges up to the middle point.
  6. Do the same to the other end. 
  7. The two edges should overlap just a bit so insert one into the other. This is where you can now insert the business cards on each side.
  8. Fold down the middle to create the wallet shape.

So easy, right? I always leave a business card or two in my bag but I don't have a protector so I always end up apologizing to the person I'm giving it to. So professional.


Theresa Neubauer said...

I love this project, Brittany! I'll definitely download it :). May be in contact about a custom-made one for sisterMAG :P!!! I was searching for new business card ideas anyway!

I hope you'll have a lovely weekend!
Talk soon and xoxo from Berlin!
Yours, Thea

The House That Lars Built said...

oh yes! would love to do one for you!

HYEMI said...

Wow this is So pretty! I'm downloading it now Thanks for sharing it :)

Victoria | Oh So Pretty said...

Goodness, these are so amazing, wonderful, incredible and beautiful! Love it, Brittany!

Boyer Family Singers said...

Oh! Perfection! Definitely going to give this a try!


Karen said...

This is amazing Brittany! Love it. But it's no secret that I'm loving these flower patterns/designs! :)

Fairies & Co said...

I am absolutely in love with your blog and everything you do! You are so talented! The quality and originality of each project are just breath taking! Well done!

Jasmine Kelley said...

Wow, This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try this

Anonymous said...

So lovely! What kind of paper and thickness would you recommend?

The House That Lars Built said...

I would print on a thin paper. Thick is to heavy. I ended up printing a bunch on some thin linen paper. Linen to make it slightly more luxurious.

Paulette Leto said...

Very clever and very beautiful! Such a great idea!

wanderluxe said...

I adore these! Amazing as usual. Have you any idea if I could resize these for mini cards? I haven't any regular sized business cards at the moment but I have floral mini cards that this would be perfect for!

sanam arzoo said...
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Ele said...

I love! I want to print and try thank you! Can I share you tutorial on my online magazine SOCUTE? with the credits and link to your blog of course :) let me know :

have a lovely weekend ele