Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Ways to wear green on St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's day green ideas
photography by Trisha Zemp

This post could also be called "How not to get pinched" on St. Patrick's day. As you know, I'm a dresser upper for holidays. It used to be a lot worse but I'd say I'm a bit more toned down in my more, shall we say, "mature" years. Mostly because I work from home and I don't leave the house much. Sometimes you just need to show that you're not a Scrooge so you'll add in a bit of red for Valentine's Day and a dash of green for St. Patrick's day. Amiright? And usually you don't want to spend much time on it, so here are 5 easy (nearly glue gunless and sewless) ways to add in that dash of green for St. Patrick's day.
button covers shamrock
green shamrocks on shoes
green tassle pin
gold ribbon with green felt shamrock
green felt with gold coin

See below for full instructions 

MATERIALS: green felt, gold ribbon (for bracelet), gold coin (for medallion), scissors, pin backing (for medallion), glue gun (for medallion), green crepe paper (for tassle), gold pin (for tassle), shamrock template (download here)
Based on my Valentine's Day heart pins, I had a reader create a follow up heart fringe necklace (see here), which I LOVED. Then I was inspired by her heart necklace and created this. 

Step 1: Cut out a shape like a house out of felt. I cut mine to the width of my gold coin.
Step 2: Cut fringe into the bottom of it, about 1/2" inch from the top.
Step 3: Glue the gold coin on.
Step 4: Gold the pin backing to the other side.

VOILA. Easy breezy.
instructions on how to make gold coin medallion
Step 1: Cut a piece of green crepe paper about 4" wide going against the grain of the crepe (meaning that the crepe will go vertically once rolled).
Step 2: Fold it in half a few times.
Step 3: Cut fringe into it leaving about 1/2" gap from the top.
Step 4: Roll it up. Like a joint. And that's the only metaphor I have.
Step 5: Puncture the tassles and place them on an oversized gold pin.
Step 6: Cut the tassels off to leave a nice clean edge.
st. patrick's day green tassel pin

I made a shamrock button cover, shoe accessory, and bracelet

1. Cut a shamrock shape onto chipboard (download template here. Size if necessary) and use as a template.
2. Cut this shape onto a piece of felt.
3. For a button cover, fold the shamrock in half and cut a vertical cut according to how long your button is and place it onto button.
4. For a bracelet, cut two vertical lines and slide a gold ribbon through.
5. For a shoe accessory, use a hole puncher to cut two holes on either side and slide it onto a shoe lace.
how to make shamrock button cover or shoe accessory
photography by Trisha Zemp
additional crafting by Erica Urry


Kevin | Thou Swell said...

Such great ideas! I especially love the shamrock bracelet.

Carly Kaste said...

The felt shamrocks on the buttons--that's genius! Love these ideas!

MasqueradeDiva3 said...

Those are great ideas! I love them! My brother still pinches the hell out of me on St Patrick's Day so I'll make sure to wear something green like this! Thanks for sharing!



D Cunningham said...

Hi, I loved your ideas but you're using a 4-leafed clover, which has nothing to do with St Patrick's Day! The Irish emblem is a Shamrock, which has 3 leaves. It seems to be a common mistake!

Paulette Leto said...

Wow, I can't believe it's almost time for St. Patrick's Day already! Still, with some of the cool ideas in this post I will be ready.

Amy said...

So brilliant! My kids will love putting shamrocks in their laces.

Meghan Quinones said...

Hey There!

We are having a Linky Party here http://ss1.us/a/dMkg1Te8 and are looking for St Partick's Day projects. I found your St Patty's fashion ideas on craftgawker and think they are so clever! We are choosing 3 of our favorite projects, and those chosen will get $5 in Blitsy credits. Hopefully we see you at our party! :)


website said...

Haha I will be sure to follow some of these tips. St Paddy's is a double celebration for me since it's my birthday too!