Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Experimenting with corn husks

corn husk flowers rose
paper flower bouquet with corn husk flowers
corn husk rose flower
corn husk flower bouquet
I posted this picture the other day on Instagram and hinted: it's not made of paper, guess the material? Thinking that no one would guess. I was surprised to find that many people nailed it on the head. Corn husks! Am I just super out of the loop and never in a million years would I think to create something with corn husks? I'm guessing it was a thing back in the day or something. You got me.

ANYWAY, my intern Trisha Zemp, approached me about doing a project made of corn somehow and she suggested corn husks. Yumm, sure? I started experimenting with them and then thought, "Wait, is my life supposed to be dedicated to corn husks?" They're dreamy. They hold a shape that paper cannot replicate, you can manipulate them to do anything, they've got a lovely grain. I worked until 3am creating petal after petal. Guys, it's all about corn husks! 

I've done a few since them for this and that and I'll show you a bit of what I've been doing here. I added some into a paper flower bouquet, second picture from the top, I was hired to create for someone retiring and created a corn husk hat for another shoot which I'll show when it comes out.

And THEN, Trisha had the idea to create a little stop motion. You know, the genesis of the corn husk flower. It's only natural. Isn't it adorable?

More DIY corn husk projects on their way. I know you're stoked.

photography and stop motion by the wonderful Trisha Zemp


Chelsea Foy said...

This. Is. The. COOLEST!

Anonymous said...

Yes, corn husk dolls were the hot thing to make in the seventies - my mom was quite good at it!

anne said...

These are stunning! Simply gorgeous!

Carly Kaste said...

I absolutely love it! The flowers look so nice plain and painted. :)

Kim Herrington said...

These are so absolutely gorgeous! I know what I'm doing with our sorry corn leftovers after next year's harvest. (We have a hard time growing corn and they're usually tiny little baby things!)

Paulette Leto said...

I had no idea you could do cool stuff like this with corn husks. That's neat! Learn something new every day I guess.

Aimee Artigliere said...