Monday, March 10, 2014

No sew origami tote bag

quick and easy origami tote bag with Laura Ashley fabric
no sew origami tote Bag with Laura Ashley fabric
Make this tote bag in 20 minutes
photography by Trisha Zemp 

Here's my first DIY of the year for the Laura Ashley blog made out of their Freshford pattern, an updated pattern from their archives. I envisioned using it some way that would take advantage of the stiffer material and I found that it was perfect for keeping the shape of an origami project. I think some of the best projects are those that are super simple and quick to make, which is why I was thrilled when this origami tote bag worked out. I had seen it done out of paper on a mini scale before but not out of fabric and at such a large scale like this. There's even an option to do a no-sew version below.
materials to make origami tote bag

make an origami tote bag with these simple instructions

Materials: fabric (I used this Laura Ashley Freshford pattern), ruler or measuring tape, scissors, snaps, needle, thread

  1. Cut out a piece of fabric in a square (I left the selvage on mine to be cheeky). The top image was made out of a square 24x24" and the bag in these step by step photos was made with a 12x 12" square. If you want to add a liner, which I did, cut out two pieces of fabric in the same size squares.
  2. Optional: If you're doing one with a liner, put the squares faced together and sew around the edges leaving a 4" gap. Turn it inside out and iron flat. Hand sew the edges closed.
  3. Fold the diagonal points together and crease the edge (use an iron to press the lines)
  4. Fold the top point down to the bottom edge and crease. You will use this creased line as a guide.
  5. Bring the left tip to the new guide line and crease.
  6. Bring the right tip over to the guide line and crease.
  7. Hand sew the two folds to the bag.*
  8. Add a snap to the top of the corners.
*No-sew option. Apply velcro to keep the folds affixed to the bag.


Laura Ashley Freshford fabric making origami tote bag
Check out the Laura Ashley blog for more projects and ideas.


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Vanessa T. said...

What a uniquely shaped bag! :)

S&M said...

This is so cool! I think this would be the perfect gift for a bestie (and myself)!

Sarah said...

Love the fabric! I have fond memories of mother/daughter Laura Ashley dresses growing up :)

lili E said...

je l'imagine bien pour une petite viré dans les jardin public !

Anonymous said...

In love with this bag! I think it would make an easy,adorable clutch by folding the top down to make a flap! I'd probably add interfacing to make it a little more sturdy.