Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rainbow flower wreath for St. Patrick's Day

rainbow wreath for st. Patrick's day
Rainbow paper flowers
photography by Trisha Zemp 

Green for St. Patrick's Day can be awfully obtrusive to a non-green lover. I do love the color but sometimes it can come in the most non-lovely colors. SO, we turn to rainbows! And I think we can agree on a mutual love of rainbows, right? I decided on a paper flower wreath, because why not?! It's sitting on my door right now.

Materials: crepe paper, wire, scissors, thicker wire

To make parrot tulips:
Step 1: Cut out a petal that's about 2 1/2" tall with the grain going vertically.
Step 2: Cut out 5 of them.
Step 3: Stretch it a bit between your thumbs at the top.
Step 4: "Flute" it by going back and forth at the top.
Step 5: Glue a petal to a piece of wire.
Step 6: Add on a line of glue at the bottom of a second petal and add it onto the first.
Step 7: Add on the remaining petals.

To make the daffodils, check out the tutorial here. To make the roses, sign up for my Skillshare class here.

To make the wreath:
See the crown/wreath tutorial here. I covered it with a metallic gold crepe paper to symbolize the gold coins at the end of the rainbow.
Step by step tutorial wreath
St. Patrick's day rainbow wreath
Voila! Go and taste the rainbow! 


Lisa said...

So pretty. Great with some new ideas for St. Patrick's Day.

Brittni said...

I love this Brittany! So pretty. And happy!

aida mollenkamp said...

What a cute concept! I want to make it and then use it again for 5 de Mayo!

Shutterbug said...

What a fun idea for St. Patty's Day! This would also be really pretty with real flowers!

Meghan Quinones said...

Hey There!

We are having a Linky Party here and are looking for clever crafty projects. I found your flower wreath on craftgawker and think it is super cool! We are choosing 3 of our favorite projects, and those chosen will get $5 in Blitsy credits. Hopefully we see you at our party! :)