Friday, April 4, 2014

5 minute bookbinding

photography by Trisha Zemp 

I'm attending 2 conferences this week and I needed some last minute notebooks for my note taking so my stellar intern, Trisha Zemp, came up with this genius notebook idea from a brown paper bag that will take you 5 minutes. You probably already have everything you need to do it.
Materials: brown bag, scissors, white office paper, thread (embroidery or book binding), awl (or safety pin), watercolors to decorate, ruler

Step 1: Take 5 pieces of white office paper.
Step 2: Rip it in half with a ruler.
Step 3: Fold those in half.
Step 4: Cut out a piece of brown paper bag to fit the exact shape of the folded paper.
Step 5: Fit the office paper in the brown bag.
Step 6: Measure 5 holes evenly across the middle crease of the paper.
Step 7: Poke it with an awl or safety pin.
Step 8: Thread a needle and start binding by entering from the inside to outside of the middle hole. Leave about 2" extra in the inside cover. There's a larger picture below to show you more details of the pattern of the threading.

Step 9: I hope these drawings make sense below. The dotted lines mean the thread goes on the outside of the book and the solid lines show from the inside. The numbers indicate the sequence.
Step 10: When you get back to one, cut it off leaving about 2" and then tie the first thread to the end thread.
To add some flourish, add some drawings or watercolor. I decided to add small lines of colors with watercolors.
concept and photography by Trisha Zemp
styling and crafting by Brittany Jepsen


Michelle Christensen- Illustrator. said...

You are so clever Brittany. I love all of your original beautiful ideas!!

Jennifer Phipps said...

I am in love with the background color!! so soothing. Do you know the name or brand of the paint?

Oh and I am making one of these books really soon! Thanks for sharing!
love your blog!

The House That Lars Built said...

Yes! It's a paper from Canson. I believe it's from Hobby Lobby!

joolee said...

HAVE to make some of these with the kiddies. All of them love to have their own little notebooks - at church, in the car, at home to draw and write stories in...I'm starting to wonder if it's a bit abnormal.

And then I see my stash of still-blank journals and notebooks (junkie that I am) and realize they're just like me, abnormal or not. :)

Marta GarcĂ­a said...

Hi! I love your project and will try to do it. I love notebooks! Thank you! I'll share your link on twitter and fb. Thanks! Best regards from Barcelona,

lovemakestwo said...

Fab idea,,,, i make things from paper bags also,,,, cards with gift pocket on side, gift bags, and i do a set with a card, bag and tag...must try these...... well done!

Holly said...

You could also run the book through the sewing machine -- if you have one. I made one of these for all 15 of my nieces and nephews one Christmas. Should probably do it again! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, the paper bag should be cut to the size of the UNfolded paper, right?

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out your drawing of the stitching pattern. To me, it seems to be saying:

1) Facing the inside of the book, put the needle in the middle hole (the "1" in the figure).
2) Pull the needle to the hole just to the right of where you started (at "2" in the figure), and push it into the hole from the cover side.

And this point you're done, because the only other arrow involved with this hole is the dashed one pointing into it from 3.

I don't get it.

The House That Lars Built said...

Yes, the paper bag should be sized to the unfolded paper.

The House That Lars Built said...
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Nimilijahna said...

This will be wonderfull for my offsprnig to keep them busy durring car ride! Love it!

linda said...

i saw this on pinterest and came to your blog. very cute and i love how you credited your intern.