Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY donut rug

Last spring I made some fruit rugs from an Ikea welcome mat and ever since then I've been dying to try a donut because well, everyone loves a donut. PLUS, did you know that National Donut Day is coming up? It's the first Friday of June and I thought a rug would be the perfect decor. (I made a donut garland for it last year). 

This project reminds me so much of Kelly of Studio DIY. That girl loves a good donut DIY. If you are planning a donut party, try out some of her projects like her donut tire prank, donut sprinkles, and donut balloons. SO good! 

Materials: spray paints (I used my Design Master arsenal once again), acrylic paints (to make the sprinkles), blue tape, paint brush, kraft paper, Ikea rug, paper weights, craft knife, dish or circle maker to trace a circle, pen

Step 1: Trace a circle onto the middle of the rug. I used a dinner plate.
Step 2: Cut it with a kraft knife. You'll have to go over your lines a few times to get into the rubber, but it's pretty easy.
Step 3: With your large kraft paper, you'll create a stencil for the frosting of the donut by placing it down on the donut and measuring the undulating line within the perimeter of the donut. Stay within 2-3" of the outside.
Step 4: With your craft knife, cut that frosting line.
Step 5: Hold down the stencil with paper weights. I used coins to get into the nooks and crannies.
Step 6: Spray the rug. I'd give it a few layers to make sure the paint really gets in there. Maybe 2-3. Let it dry.
Step 7: Create a stencil for the sprinkle with blue tape. It's basically just a rectangle with room in the middle to spray.
Step 8: I found that the colors came out brighter with acrylic paint so I ended up using a paint brush for my sprinkles and the colors now pop! 
Step 9" Remove the stencils and you should have a beautiful donut rug.

Next up: donut collar! Yeah, no.


valerie | lily on said...

THAT IS AWESOME. and i hadn't seen your fruit rugs before, so i'm totally fangirl-ing over those too. thanks for the adorable inspiration!


Ashley Lee said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm excited to make one- I feel like variations on this would make good housewarming gifts :)

Camisetas de futbol said...

Donuts rug really creative, ha ha, I love it.

*Tadaam ! said...

Really fun !

littlemissliu said...

I think I'm gonna make these donuts rugs too!


P.s. I'm a sucker for donuts. (or anything in the sweet tooth world.)

Anzouya said...

Wow! How cool is that?!
I just loved your lemon and watermelon rugs, but a donut rug? How cute?

onel said...

OMG it's donut!! What a fun rug!!! And yeah, for the donut collar, so cute ;)

Caitlin Wood said...

Can't get enough of this idea, so cute and perfect!Xo Caitlin

Amykins said...

Very cute rug! Lovin' those yellow shoes too! Where did you get them from? Looking forward to your next posting!

allison b-t said...

how fun- i love this tutorial!

Monica m said...

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