Thursday, June 26, 2014

American flag bunting

I'm not sure foreigners (ie: my husband) understand the squawk Americans make about our birthday, but we love it! In addition to major patriotism it's also a celebration of summer, family, food, and fireworks. It's a good day. Here's a sweet garland idea that Trisha (you may know her for her great photography) came up with. Isn't it great! And she's Canadian...double points!
Materials: cardstock, star punch (or Cricut machine with the star design), watercolor set, brush, paper cutter or scissors, glue stick, twine

Step 1: Watercolor your cardstock in thick strokes. Some should be red and some should be blue.
Step 2: Cut down your red and blue paper to 2 x 1"
Step 3: Fold the strips in half.
Step 4: To create the blue stars, punch a star on one end of the paper.
Step 5: String the twine through the inside fold of the paper.
Step 6: Glue down the folded piece with your glue stick.
Step 7: Follow the color pattern in the pictures to create the stripes effect.
Such a fun take on the typical banner! Thanks Trisha! 

 photography and crafting by Trisha Zemp 
styling by Brittany Jepsen


anne said...

love the on black styling for this and the brazilian food! beautiful!

Brittni said...

This is genius! One of the best Fourth of July DIYs I've seen!!

wildfirekisses said...

How lovely! I could see doing this with paint chips to save a bit of time, although I do love the lines of the paint.

Alexis Middleton said...

This is gorgeous! I love, love the watercolors.

Kristin Fleming said...

What a cool idea. Also I love the use of watercolors.

Jake Gariepy said...

Really charming! But how does Trisha do this with the maple leaf flag? :-)

Can't wait to make this!

Abigail Hoppen said...

Where did you get that fabulous dress?!?!

This is a cute idea!

Siti Aisya Ibrahim said...

super cool!

The House That Lars Built said...

The dress is from Laura Moffat from like 3 years ago!

jaime @laviejaime said...

beautiful! what patience that must have took though!