Sunday, June 29, 2014

This week

This week was recovery from A Midsummer Mingle, the garden party I threw with One More Mushroom, Sarah Jane, Mer Mag, Caravan Shoppe, Sycamore Street Press last Saturday. The party pretty much took my whole life, along with my interns', my house, and my husband's. And we're still not recovered. My house is a DISASTER and the amount of clean up seems never ending. BUT, the party was a success! Everyone came dressed in white and from what I can tell, had a good time.

Another fun piece of news, mostly just for me and Paul: I found my engagement ring after 3 weeks of searching. Hooray! Where was it? As we were cleaning our storage room I found it nustled in our grocery bag pile. How did it get there? But I'm glad we were led to it. Hallelujah!

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Links of note:
This DIY paper flower crown is spectacular! 
I love the colors of these color-blocked food domes
I'm LOVING Merrilee's interactive illustrated tale. If I had kids I'd bring them along on the ride!
I found this Podcast helpful in explaining why American doesn't love soccer


Kristin said...

How fun. The garden party looks great.

Miss Eliza WonDerland said...

The garden party looks beautiful! Thank goodness you found the ring. That's a big deal.


Miss Eliza WonDerland