Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shadow puppets & Cricut template

Guys, I don't care if I'm not 10, I'm shadow puppeting! At our glamp site we totally got into the puppet spirit with this adorable animals that you can print and tell stories with. Personally, I find everything more inspiring against a pink background. I just might be painting my walls pink soon. Maybe! 
There are two ways to make this project:

  1. Free Cricut files
  2. Free PDF printable that you can download and cut out yourself
Materials: black paper, craft knife or Cricut machine, bamboo skewer or stick, Cricut file download (click here), PDF download, tape or glue

For Cricut: 
Step 1: Upload the file onto your Cricut.
Step 2: Attach the skewer to the back of the puppet with glue or tape.

Step 1: Print out the PDFs.
Step 2: Cut out the page with your scissors or craft knife.
Step 3: Trace the figures onto your black paper and cut out.


Step 2: Put the PDF onto your black paper and cut out the two at the same time.

All you need is a flash light and darkness and a sheet and you're good to go! Happy puppeting! 

We've had a good time craft glamping. Check out some of our other crafts!

photography by Trisha Zemp 
shadow puppet illustrations by Victoria Riza Illustration
hair/make up by Jessie Mcarthur 


cab service Richmond VA said...

That looks fun and interesting, surely, one of this days we will try this with my younger cousins. I don't care if I'm not kid anymore. Thank for sharing this post.

Carmody said...

I still love shadow puppets too! I love these little guys and need to create puppets with my boys.

Mary said...

Hi! I'd love to do this with my kids (my son wants to BE a fox). I can't seem to see the PDF download? Mary

Mlle Eugé | a designer's blog said...

Well i've just discovered your blog thanks to Lisa's blog Make my lemonade and I'm glad i came here ! Everything is beautiful and tasteful ! Bravo I say ! ps : these shadow puppets look awesome ! ps2: come check out the blog that i built if you're curious ! ;-) xoxo