Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lars (play)List: Bak 2 Skool

Is everyone back in school now? We thought we'd brighten up your bak-2-skool gloom with a rad playlist from Kev. It's all about insecurities, secret crushes (including one of my all time favorites from Feist), and young party life. I've been listening to it all day and I'm anxious and excited and ready to party all at once.

Take a listen here or play the Spotify Playlist below. And take a look at all the photos after the jump.

(and pssst: I'll be showing how to make the oversized pencil and paintbrush soon! Because, uh, who doesn't need one in their house?)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mommy blog for a day with Kiwi Crate

No, I haven't been keeping a secret from you. I don't have a long lost daughter but after this shoot I thought about stealing her. Isn't she precious?! 

I've been spotting all these mommy bloggers writing reviews about Kiwi Crate and I never thought I'd get asked to write one because I don't have kids. Little did they know that I'm the neighborhood craft hangout! I get kids dropping by all the time to come and craft with me and I have to say it's the highlight of my week. It's probably the highlight of theirs too to see an adult who doesn't put their "toys" away. My house is a crafty mess 95% of the time. SO, you can imagine I was thrilled when Kiwi Crate asked me to review their craft kits. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have something ready to go the next time they stopped by.

Kiwi Crate is an award-winning, monthly subscription service that provides all the hands-on materials to inspire creative, educational fun. With themes like music, color, robots, and safari, these crates deliver everything needed for unique activities that you and your kids can enjoy together especially at the start of a new school year. They make it super easy for parents to provide meaningful experiences for their children without running around trying to find all the materials. It comes in a cute green box with everything you need to make it. It's much cheaper than buying the materials yourself. Each monthly crate includes all the materials and inspiration for 2-3 hands-on projects including a 16 page magazine with additional activities, delivered straight to your door. 

They are announcing today 4 new brands including their Koala, Tinker, and Doodle crates. the Koala is aimed at 3-4 year olds and aids in developmental processes. The Tinker is aimed at kids 9-14 and is focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. The Doodle is aimed at girls ages 9-16 and is focused on rad DIY projects like friendship bracelets, candles, and pouches.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
9 year old Swayzie and her sister Eliza, 2,  were kind enough to join me in making some finger puppet farm animals last week and we had a ball. The kits were great for the age gap though Eliza's animals were a bit more, ummm, mutant with either one eye ball or none or 5.

Look at those little hands! I die.
Little crafting hands
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Swayzie was such a good older sister. She taught Eliza how to make the puppets. At one point Eliza gathered all of them together and said "best friends". Heart melt. Oh boy, if I'm gushing about other kids now just wait until I have kids of my own. Aghh! 
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Eliza's four eyed chicken.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
 Swayzie's puppets were perfectly normal with no mutations.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
Monthly kid's craft subscription service Kiwi Crate.
I've said it before and I say it again, the moment I am with child I will go full on mommy/craft blog. WARNING! But in the mean time, it was fun playing a mommy for a day. Thanks for indulging me! And do consider signing up. As a future working mommy I think it would be the best time saver.

Kiwi Crate is giving 25% off the 1st month subscription with the code THTLB. New subscribers will receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit. 

photography by Trisha Zemp
dresses from Mabo Kids
rug from Interwoven

This post is sponsored by Kiwi Crate. Thank you to the brands who make this blog possible.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This week

Ever reach that point where you just need to sit and do nothing? That's me this week. Only I'm still waiting to sit down. I have some fun projects in the works that I can't wait to show you one day. One day...meaning, it's coming but I can't show you yet. I know. I'm a tease.

This photo above is from my instagram (@houselarsbuilt). Chat Books hooked me up with my Instagram photos in printed form. At first I thought it would be silly to see all my pictures in print (what's the point of having them digital, right?) but many of them are from our time in Copenhagen so I'm loving the memories they trigger in tangible form. Chat Books is giving everyone the chance to print their pictures for free when you enter BRITNY at checkout. You have to order at least 3 books and then you'll get your first one free. It's pretty fun especially if you use Instagram as your scrapbook. Just download the app to get started and they make it really easy to pick your photos.

This week on Lars:
Did you see our cute stop motion video??? We found the perfect shade of pink!
Pineapple favor bags
Watermelon collar
DIY Flooring
This Girl loves lemons

Lars elsewhere:
Hop onto the Indigo train
Modern wedding accessories
Rachel Khoo was kind enough to interview me for her blog. I love her!

Must reads
Fake Fashion Week. Te he.
Ghostwriter applies to work for a blogger
Buckminster Fuller's 42 hour lecture. This man was prolific!
I hope to be them
I love seeing good home renovations 
Te he. But I still love it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

This girl

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding the perfect shade of pink paint

As you might remember, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect shade of pink to paint the walls of our house. In fact, I currently have a wall of paint swatches waiting to be painted solid. For some reason I’m super wary of making the wrong decision because I don’t like investing time and money into something that I may change depending on my mood. I take every home renovation idea seriously including paint colors.

However, I finally found inspiration for the perfect shade of pink with a tea towel I’ve been saving for awhile but the problem was, how do I translate that into the perfect paint color?

LUCKILY, Valspar stepped in at the right time and introduced me to their new line of paint + primer in one , Valspar Reserve. It features HydroChroma Technology which offers exceptional color matching and super-strength pigments. It gave me the confidence to find the perfect shade. With over 3,000 color options they gave me plenty to work with.

I finally have the perfect shade so which one did I choose? Watch the video!

It’s called Valspar Snow Pa and I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with my place and how it works in my basement apartment. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon!

Valspar Reserve is available exclusively at Lowe’s, find the location nearest you here.

This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY room to room: flooring

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watermelon peter pan collar

Speaking of fruits, (ahem, the pineapple favor bags from yesterday) we had to get our last fruit project in for the summer with this adorable watermelon Peter Pan collar. How adorable is it?! Kelly came up with this genius project after becoming enamored with the embroidery class she took (see here). It would be so cute to add to any solid dress or blouse. It would be especially cute for a little girl. Right?! And the best news is, if you're not a crafter, she's selling them on her Etsy shop. She has some darling designs (I love the apple one! Perfect for fall!). Her work is impeccable.
styling by Brittany Jepsen

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pineapple favor bags

I've been sitting on this one for over a year now. I didn't think I could possibly show some pineapple favor bags without throwing a huge luau but since that hasn't happened two summers in a row now the pineapple bags needed to get out of my storage closet and in front of the camera. I thought they'd be fun for a tropical party or birthday or whatever your pineapple heart desires. And turns out, this summer was more fruit-crazy than ever so it fits right on trend.

Materials: brown lunch bags, paint in yellow, black, green, scissors, paint brush. twine

Step 1: Paint the bottom 2/3 of the brown lunch bag yellow.
Step 2: Paint the top 1/3 green. I used a painterly stroke because I liked the look better.
Step 3: Paint thin brush strikes of black in your favorite pineapple design. I did a criss-crossed pattern and dotted the middles.
Step 4: Cut long triangles into the the top of the lunch bag.
Step 5: Fill it with treats and secure with a piece of ribbon or twine.


Photography by Trisha Zemp

And thank you to everyone who participated in the glasses.com giveaway. The winner has been notified! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This week

This week was a studio week. After some crazy shoots that required a ton of preparation, I was glad to work with my hands and sit at the computer a bit more (though my pending carpal tunnel is quite unhappy with me). We've been working on some fun projects and I can't wait to show them to you (psssst: we're putting some of it on Instagram only! @houselarsbuilt).

This week on Lars:
DIY printable cootie catcher. Because I basically act like I'm 10 anyway.
Some cute papier mache projects
Held a giveaway with glasses.com and showed up my new styling partnership (winner announced tomorrow, stay tuned!)
Pinterest collab with the Tate for the Matisse exhibition
Free printable stationery
These Girls

Lars elsewhere:
Caesarstone's new color is perfection
10 things to learn from Mediterranean interiors
8 creative nurseries

Must reads:
10 rules for students and teachers for creatives
What city in Europe is the best value for enjoying the arts
The Picasso Museum in Paris will finally reopen! (I got to go years and years ago)
The ice bucket challenge goes artistic
We saw her in concert this week and this duet blew my mind (not the best quality here but it feels the most like what we experienced)
Congrats Kelly on the awesome new studio!
Strawberry limeade popsicles
Behind the scenes look at Merrilee's new book. I can't wait to see the trailer!
These notecards are adorable

Photo from my Instagram @houselarsbuilt

Friday, September 5, 2014

These Girls

This week, This Girl turns These Girls with two of my favorite designers, Cary and Jenna of Ace and Jig. They're collections are perfection season after season.

These Girls  |  Plan  |  Cook

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Printable cootie catcher

We're ending our DIY glamping series (take a look at the other projects here) with this cute cootie catcher that you can print off and fold. Perfect for a slumber party or afternoons of pure boredom.
Download the cootie catcher here. And learn to fold it here.

And check out our other DIY glamping projects: 

DIY Room to room: papier mache

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glasses.com giveaway (closed)

Back in May and June I styled Glasses.com's latest trend features with one of my favorite photographers Jessica Peterson. I had a ball with everyone on set. It was one of the larger sets I've been on and we may have been known to break into song and dance in between shots. With one of our models a musical theater performer and me being the natural cheeseball that I am, it was bound to happen. The hills may have come alive and we may have had "gadgets and gizmos aplenty"--just a little musical nerdiness for you too-cool-for-school folks.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I've taken over their Instagram until tomorrow. Muhahaha. Oh the power! I'm giving tips on how to create a stellar wardrobe and pair it with rad specs. 

Well, today I'm partnering up with Glasses.com to give one lucky reader some of the items we used to style the shoots including a $300 gift certificate to glasses.com, a leather/canvas bag from QP Collections, and a purple jasper bullet necklace from Land of Salt. All in all, a $650 value! 

If you're unfamiliar with Glasses.com, get familiar. They have hundreds of eyeglasses to choose from and they add in the lenses all for FREE! Yup! FREE! Then they quickly ship it to you. You know I'm high maintenance like that and love me some fast shipping.

I'm using Rafflecopter so follow the directions after the jump to enter. The giveaway ends Friday at midnight, MST. This giveaway is for US residents only.

Here are some of my favorite looks I styled and be sure to check out the rest of the looks on their site. They've indicated which looks I've styled with the official Lars seal. I know. I'm so fancy.
Enter the giveaway by clicking below

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Matisse at the Tate

Oh, how I wish I could take a trip to the Tate right now! You see, there's an exhibition on Matisse's Cut outs right now and it's the last week you can see it. If you're in the region, go!

Matisse's use of scale, color, and shapes has long been an influence on me and my work and he used paper in a way that had never been done before. If I got to choose who I wanted at my ideal dinner party, he would be one of them.

You can imagine how flattered I was when the Tate asked me to pin some of my favorite color inspirations today based on Matisse's famous The Horse the Rider and the Clown painting to their Summer of Color - Inspired by Matisse board. I consider it a dream project really. The whole board is super lovely.

Want some more Matisse inspiration? 
I'm not the only one inspired by Matisse
We imagined Matisse's living room.
Matisse socks

pics from Tate