Thursday, April 17, 2014

Make a spring centerpiece with tulips

Fortuitously (?), I got sick last week. I was supposed to read the book for this month's book club (feel free to join in! More deets here) but you know how you get when you're sick? You just can't work the mind too well. SO, I made lots of paper flowers instead. And turned them into a centerpiece. And I'm kind of stoked about how they turned out. Wouldn't it be great as a centerpiece for the Easter table or to give for Mother's Day? Or just sitting around looking pretty during spring. Over the next couple of days, I'll be showing you what to make and then how to incorporate it into your Easter celebration. 
So, this is how it goes. 

Materials: crepe paper (double sided works so well!), wire cutters, wire (I used 22 gauge), different shades of spray paint (this is where the magic comes in!), basket (I got my moss covered one from here), floral foam for non-real flowers, moss to fill in, glue gun

Step 1: Cut out petals following the instructions from this post. Here you will want to enlarge them so they are not mini. I varied each flower by using anywhere between 3 and 5 petals per flower.
Step 2: After you've made as many flowers as you intend to use, go outside and spray the base of each flower with a coordinating spray paint. I chose colors that mimic the paper I used so that they are in the same tones. Make sure you spray from far away so that it gets just a bit of paint on it.
Step 3: Add floral foam into your basket.
Step 4: One by one, add in your flowers starting with the biggest flowers.
Step 5: Cut out leaves and add those to the stems of the flowers. I like the add them at this point so I can see where I want to place them.
Step 6: After they are all added in, add moss on top of the floral foam to cover.

Gleee! I'm so stoked about my new flowers. I rarely keep my creations but this time I'm doing it!

And if you make your own flowers, post it to Instagram and tag it with #larsflowers I want to see them! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter basket liner

Make an Easter basket liner with fabric from Laura Ashley
Make an Easter basket liner with fabric from Laura Ashley
Here's my latest for the Laura Ashley blog. I made a liner for an Easter basket using their sweet Aviary Garden fabric. It's the perfect springy fabric. 

DIY room to room: Macrame

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alt winners announced AND another Alt giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Alt for Everyone ticket giveaway. I'm so pleased that you get to attend! The winners are: Patricia Z, Ash, Victoria Riza, Whoorl, Marigold Haske, Tori B., Michelle Densley. Please contact me at to redeem your prize.

ALSO, I got a little ahead of myself and should have announced at the same time that I'm giving away two tickets to Alt on Topic, an all-day photography event with workshops focused on different aspects of photography like Beyond Basics taught by Justin Hackworth, the Art of Posing, photo styling with me, and food photography. The workshops are being held Tuesday, April 22nd online. The is a tremendous opportunity if you're looking to improve your blog or start one. These are invaluable skills! Sign up here or enter the contest by:

1. Following me on Facebook and Instagram @houselarsbuilt (if you've already done so, then sharing it in some form or follow me on Pinterest here or Twitter here)
2. Bonus votes if you share it on another platform.
3. Leave a comment here on the blog telling me how you've entered.

Good luck! This contest goes until Sunday, April 20th. Open to everyone.

photography by Hilda Grahnat 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Flower volcano.

Man, sometimes I wish I had the budget to carry out the things I have in my head like a FLOWER VOLCANO! The folks at Sony created this flower eruption from 8 million flower petals. Every petal equals the amount of pixels in their new HD TV. They worked with local residents for two weeks to collect the 3.5 tons of petals and placed them at the Irazu Volcano in Central Costa Rica. Well done, Sony.

See some behind the scenes images here.

Dip dyeing spring

At some point I got really into baskets and acquired way too many for our small apartment. I thought it would be nice to gussy them up just a tad while still keeping the integrity of the object so I decided to get on the dip dye trend and apply it to everything in sight. Watch out baskets! I thought it would be fun to do to an Easter basket, watering can, and decorative basket.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This week

I planted three peony plants in our yard this week, which hopefully means that spring is here to stay! Besides that, I had to take it a bit easy this week as I was sick, boo! Let's get these Easter projects done!

from top left clockwise: Meta and I always happen to wear the same thing; I've been making paper flowers...surprise!; Any dog that ends with the word doodle melts my heart. This is an outtake of last week's album shoot; a peek at my disastrous desk.

This week on Lars:
Make a no-sew fabric Easter basket
Make a lovely Easter egg terrarium
I'm looking for interns to join my team. Are you interested? 
I'm giving away 7 tickets to Alt for Everyone. Enter here.
Make these awesome things from acrylic
This girl

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Outdoor style on Euro Style Blog
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I've been posting some of my favorite DIY and interior projects on Sulia. Check it out daily for my top pics.

3 Pinterest boards I'm loving:
Christopher Bentley's ID please is the tops
Huset Shop's Scandinavian Life makes me miss Denmark
Camilla Jorvad's garden board is dreamy

all pics above from my Instagram @houselarsbuilt

Friday, April 11, 2014

This Girl

Easter egg terrarium

Last year I came up with with some life-size Easter egg terrariums with mini paper flowers (see here). I wanted to try it with live plants this year to give out as gifts so I found some oversized plastic Easter eggs that are much more practical and spacious for installing live plants. I used air plants because I thought they would hold up a bit better with my black thumb.
 See the full instructions on how to make it below.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY room to room: acrylic

No-sew fabric rope Easter basket

No sew fabric cord Easter basket
Colofrul thread as Easter eggs
photography by Trisha Zemp 

Are you ready for the easiest, no-sew fabric Easter basket? I'm actually quite thrilled with how this one turned out and how sturdy it is. Now, if only I had little kiddies to put them to use...for now they will go in storage.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alt for Everyone giveaway

More fun news this week! I'm teaching two workshops with Alt Summit. If you're not familiar, Alt Summit is a conference for bloggers and creatives. They have now expanded into workshops of all kinds online and in person. I'll be teaching a photo styling course with photographer Justin Hackworth on April 22nd (sign up here) and one about collaboration for Alt for Everyone in May. To kick off the events I'm giving away 7 tickets to Alt for Everyone (a $160 value) to seven readers. That includes 7 classes, a keynote, and goodies delivered to your door. If you've always wanted to come to Alt and haven't been able to, now is your chance!

To enter:
1. "Like" The House That Lars Built on Facebook and follow on Instagram @houselarsbuilt
2. Bonus votes if you share this announcement.
3. Comment below telling me how you've entered.

Contest ends Sunday, April 13th

photo from here

Monday, April 7, 2014

Intern search

If you're expecting a book club review today, you're right! BUT, I got sick last week and didn't get a chance to complete the book (aghhh!) because I couldn't even move my eyes so it's postponed until next Monday. Already behind. Beautiful. So if you read it, well done! And if not, there's still time! Read more about the club here.

I'm excited to announce my intern search for 2014. This search is different than any other one I have as I have a new focus and project schedule. I'd love to involve more people into the process so we can all get something out of it. I firmly believe that there is power in collaboration so if you're looking to strengthen your portfolio or start a portfolio or just get your creative juices flowing, this would be a good opportunity to work together. I've been lucky to work with some really great people so far--the photo above are my summer interns from last year--so let's do this again!

What I'm looking for:

  • interns from various areas : graphics, crafting (food, sewing, embroidery, paper, etc.), fine arts (painting, illustration, book binding, drawing, etc.), styling, photography, blogging, or just general interest in being involved in the process!
  • commitment of 3-however many hours a week you'd like to work each week. The more time you commit the more you are involved.
  • people who work hard and well and like to see a project go from idea to finished
  • honesty, integrity, hardworking, fun

This week

I spent this week in California at Craftcation in Ventura, where I spoke on a panel and taught a workshop. I was hoping for sun and frolics but it was a little too moody for such frivolousness so I spent the majority of the time cooped up in doors with my winter tights and consequently getting sick. Beautiful. I'll be talking more about the conference this week.

Then yesterday on the way back from the conference, I rode with Kelly of Studio DIY, Brittni of Paper and Stitch, and Kelly of Design Crush and I had the option of spending 6 hours at LAX before my flight or attending the release of Oh Joy's new collection with Land of Nod. Ummm, what would YOU have done? Yeah, me too. The party was held at Fig House in LA (above picture), designed by Emily Henderson and it was a kiddy dream come true. Sprinkles bedsheets, ice cream stuffed pillows, a bespoke bus. They killed it. AND, I got to meet a lot of people who I've been friends with online for years or reconnected with after awhile. It was a dreamy afternoon. LA just has it all!

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3 Pinterest boards I'm loving:
Femke's Art and Illustration board is bright and beautiful
Katie Armour's Blooms get me excited for spring
Katja Olldendorff's pineapple board is pure fun and eye candy

photo from my Instagram

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 minute bookbinding

photography by Trisha Zemp 

I'm attending 2 conferences this week and I needed some last minute notebooks for my note taking so my stellar intern, Trisha Zemp, came up with this genius notebook idea from a brown paper bag that will take you 5 minutes. You probably already have everything you need to do it.
Materials: brown bag, scissors, white office paper, thread (embroidery or book binding), awl (or safety pin), watercolors to decorate, ruler