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Lars' (play)List + Life + Party / Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014

Lars (play)list: April

Every month, Lars’ music editor, Kev Nemelka creates a fabulous playlist for us. Check out previous playlists here. Click on the image above to access the playlist or “read more” below to play it here on the blog.

We decided to mix things up on the monthly playlist. Kev and I will now be  collaborating/conspiring on the “album” artwork. He sets the theme and I run with it. This month he created a refreshing spring playlist perfect for road trips and driving with the top down with your friends (click to play it here). I decided on what else? Big paper flowers in a 1979 Fiat Spider à la a Lars reader’s dad. Thank you Spencer! PLUS, this will give me the chance to work with some really awesome photographers and artists like Jefra Starr Linn, who I’ve been too shy to approach until she graciously invited me to her beautiful cabin in the woods. 

You know, just hanging out with the most adorable doggy Frolly on a lake with an awesome convertible. NBD.

photography by Jeffra Starr Linn
playlist by Kev Nemelka
art direction/styling by Brittany Watson Jepsen
play the playlist here or click below to access it here on the blog

Lars' (play)List + Life + Party / Monday, 3 Mar 2014

Lars’ (play)List: March

Every month, Lars’ music editor, Kev Nemelka creates a fabulous playlist for us. Check out previous playlists here. Click on the image above to access the playlist or “read more” to play it here on the blog.

All these east-coast snow storms and polar vortices are killer, and although I don’t think it’s necessarily time for a springtime sunpop playlist just yet, I am in desperate need of a little pick-me-up. “Tartan Fetter”—my obnoxious allusion to both the reemergence of tartan post NYFW and the winter scarves that serve our self-inflicted sub-zero imprisonment—was constructed as an homage to the (hopefully rapidly) changing seasons, a sort of rain-dance plea for winter to depart already, and I hope you will feel that as the playlist progresses from beginning to end.  xx Kev

Lars' (play)List + Life + Party / Tuesday, 1 Oct 2013

Lars’ (play)List: October

Kev has done it again! He claims this autumn playlist is his favorite so far (see previous editions here). You’ll just have to try it out for yourself. Test it out on a lovely fall drive through a canyon. Thank you to Natalie Soper for the adorable artwork. See below for the full playlist or click here to be taken to Spotify.

Natalie Soper is a freelance illustrator from Park City, Utah. Her work has been shown in museums, within literary magazines, independent films, and frequently ends up in the hands of happy friends and strangers alike.  She thoroughly enjoys skiing, cooking, travelling, dancing, making music, and spending time with the people she loves.  Contact her at: or see her work at:

Lars' (play)List + Life + Party / Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013

Lars’ (play)List: September

Clearly, I’ve taken a major blogging hiatus. I’m trying to remember the last time I did that…my honeymoon? (Speaking of honeymoons, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. Hooray!) Well, there’s been a lot of deadlines and holidays going on, but don’t fret, I’ll be back soon. In the mean time, a new month means a new playlist from Kev and this month he’s taking us back to the classroom with some friendly boys versus girls competition. He chose 10 songs from male vocalists and collaborated with Ynna Kutney who chose 10 by female vocalists. 
Click here for the playlist and/or see below:

See more playlists here.
Ynna Kutney is from Lancaster, PA and lives in Dallas, TX with her husband. She started her blog out of boredom and of becoming a better journal keeper. Avid reader, occasional yogi, and gummy candy enthusiast, Ynna uses her blog to document her adventures and share her favorite books, fashion, and music. 

Lars' (play)List + Life + Party / Monday, 3 Jun 2013

Lars’ (play)List: June

Listen to the playlist by clicking on the image above or clicking here
Listen to previous playlists here.

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile. I started the monthly playlist series because I stink when it comes to expanding my musical repertoire. I rely on other people’s fine taste to broaden my own, otherwise I stick to what I know: classical, oldies, and really bad pop. Ha! Katie Farber of This, That & The Other  has been kind enough to provide some really great tunes every month, but I wanted to try something different this month. Every now and again we need some quiet, peaceful time and music can certainly be a good aid. For us, Sundays tend to be that day where we stick on some calmer music, but I also put it on when I just need to detox. We all need it, right? We’re busy people.

So, I made a playlist with some of my very favorite classical pretty pieces. Not all. But many. It’s not meant as an in-depth list for a hardcore classical lover. I think it might appeal to those who both love classical and those who know nothing about it but want some pretty music for some peaceful downtime.

I grew up playing the cello in orchestras and piano at home (that’s me and Clifford, my cello, above), so each one of these pieces has touched me at some point in my life, whether it be academically or personally. I included some well-known pieces originally meant for other instruments like the two Gerswhin pieces played here on the cello by Yo-Yo ma (a fave of mine). The first prelude is uh-mazing. In fact, I included a lot of cello because, well, the cello is the most beautiful. Totally biased. You’ll notice that I like ’em slow, but I did try and mix them up with a couple of fasties. I kind of want to comment on each one….agh! Maybe I’ll do an “after the jump” so those who are totally disinterested don’t have to suffer.

Let’s see, a few notes about the pieces and playlist below:

Claire de Lune…embarrassed to say that I didn’t really know it until Ocean’s 11. But, I think it’s the best use of classical music in a movie ever. Quirky and magical all at the same time. I love with piano on it’s own and full orchestra. You’ll notice I love me some French composers…

…like The Swan. It’s in every cellist’s repertoire. Definitely the most beautiful in the Carnival of the Animals. Saint Saen saved the most beautiful for the cello, of course. Again, totally biased. If you want to know anything about the cello, you must know this one.

Rachmaninov’s piano concerto no. 2. I die.

Is the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice the most beautiful in all of cinemas? I think so! This one, The Living Sculptures of Pemberly, is so gorgeous. So longing. I listen to it on repeat.

I love Bach. This one with the chorus, Cantata 140, is almost too much for me sometimes. Too much beauty.

Prelude 1 and 2 for piano by Gershwin but here on cello. I’ve already commented a bit above, but agh! I love them so much. Yo yo, I’d love the sheet music for them but I can’t find it anywhere. Does it exist? Gershwin was the first composer I fell in love with as a child. Rhapsody in Blue. I die.

Vocalise. I love the sad ones, what I can say? This one makes me cry when I play it.

Flower duet. I remember tracking it down when I first watched American President. It was playing in the background of a scene in Annette Benning’s apartment. Again, movies teach me more about classical than my education? What?

Bach’s cello suites are a standard. This one I chose is not one of his most well-known. In fact, I really only like it for the middle part. It’s a a two part dance and I love the second part SO much. It’s so sweet and simple yet so beautiful. If you’re a cellist, it’s all about playing with your thumb. Agh!

Pavane by Faure. This one I played with the Orange County Junior Orchestra on our tour to France and England. I will always remember it that way.

Gran partita by Mozart. LOVE this one. The piercing oboe. I die. Oh, and I LOVE the version of human voices singing it in Bright Star. That was the only good thing about that movie.