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Design + Interiors + Style + Style Sheets / Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014

Style Sheets: Mary Blair

Style Sheets is a monthly collaboration where Jessica Williams, a Brooklyn interior designer, illustrator Michelle Christensen, and I re-imagine the interior of one of our favorite icons. Check out the past icons here.
I’ve been entranced with the work of Mary Blair since I discovered her a few months ago in Lulu magazine. I don’t know how her name had escaped me all these years as she was a creative director for Disney and worked on projects like Alice in Wonderland, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, and Cinderella. Her color was ground breaking and provides endless amounts of inspiration. There are a number of books out there on her and I can’t wait to dig into them. 
Who is YOUR icon? 
Interior collage by Jessica Lynn Williams 
illustration by Michelle Christensen

Interiors + Style + Style Sheets / Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013

Style Sheets: Twiggy

We had a brief hiatus from these Style Sheets, but they’re back! I love how Jessica dreams up interiors belonging to some of our favorite style icons and Michelle’s illustrations are spot on. Dream team! This month it’s our favorite 60s icon, Twiggy.

I was smitten with Twiggy when I first found out about her in high school. These were the pre-Internet days and I honestly have no idea how I would have found out about her. VH1 Behind the Music? A magazine? Gasp… a book?  Clearly, I can’t comprehend how things used to be done. Thankfully, for this article, I sit in my lounge pants under a quilted green blanket and type “Twiggy” into Google and let Wikipedia do all the work. 
Twiggy was the face of an era and I would say that a good portion of today’s concept of a model is based on her: waif, androgynous. She rocked the notion of what beauty was and is. 
I next typed in “magazine covers 1960s” into Images. Man, the 60s were psychedelic. If you look at the 50s and how conservative and idealized it was, the 60s seem like chaos. How anyone survived that decade is beyond me. But then again, I think you could say the same thing about today. Without all the go-go boots. 
Who was your high school style icon? 

interior collage by Jessica Williams
illustration by Michelle Christensen of My Little Belleville

Interiors + Style + Style Sheets / Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013

Style Sheets: Henri Matisse

This is the third post in a new collaboration called, Style Sheets. The style sheets are imagined by Jessica Lynn Williams, an interior decorator in Brooklyn (and part of the reason why Kate Spade windows look so fab!), and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Michelle Christensen. Take a look at the previous style sheets here.

Henri Matisse is our first male style icon for the series and it’s a natural fit as he’s one of our favorite artists. He was a master of color and pattern, which makes for an oeuvre emanating life and exuberance. Naturally, his interior must be equally bright and patterned-full. 

ALSO, if you’re on Instagram, I’m holding my first Instagram-only giveaway/game. Look up @houselarsbuilt for more deets. Hint: you must answer the question, “If I were a room, what would I be?” FUN!

Design + illustration + Style + Style Sheets / Friday, 31 May 2013

Style Sheets: Iris Apfel

This is the second post in a new collaboration called, Style Sheets. The style sheets are imagined by Jessica Lynn Williams, an interior decorator in Brooklyn (and part of the reason why Kate Spade windows look so fab!), and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Michelle Christensen. Take a look at the first one, Lucille Ball, here.

I think it’s generally agreed that Iris Apfel can do no wrong. She’s called herself the world’s oldest teenager and this spunky spirit comes across in her dress and spirit. Known for her oversized glasses, chunky jewelry, and exotic threads, she’s not afraid to take chances. In the Bill Cunningham documentary, she was interviewed as saying that sometimes Bill would thank her for coming to events so that there was something interesting to shoot. I’ve written about her here, here and even (as close as I could get with the wig selection I had) dressed like her for my costume party last year. 

Fun fact: I’m pretty sure we were at the same event a few years ago. It was for Tiffany and Co. and at the time I didn’t know who she was. I tried doing some research on who the lady with the huge glasses was and I found an image online that I thought was close. Pretty sure it was Ms. Iris. Iris, if you’e reading, were you there at the Evening in Style event in October 2009? 

Another fun fact: Jessica met her on MONDAY! Gah!

text and style sheet by Jessica Williams
illustration by Michelle Christensen