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Design + DIY + etsy + Life + Projects + Wedding / Tuesday, 6 Nov 2012

Something Blue temporary tattoo

Something blue temporary tattoo…it even comes with a little rhyme. You’re welcome. I thought it’d be funny to do something super obvious for a “something blue” theme over at Etsy Weddings blog so I concocted this “something blue” tattoo. Personally, I’m not a tattoo girl, but if it was peeking out a bit or even completely hidden, it’d be nice for a little chuckle. Download the project here.

Project for Etsy Weddings. Photography by Amanda Thomsen and Brittany Watson Jepsen. 

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Style + Wedding / Friday, 5 Nov 2010

peter pan/scallop collars

Happy Friday! I’m home with a sick husband and wishing I had a sewing machine so I could make some peter pan necklines. I love the embellished peter pans too. I’d like to try it on some of my plain-o blouses. Or my rainbow jumpsuit. Yeah! Pics above from Urban Outfitters, Ruche, and kill me, I don’t know the top one. Errgh.

On a totally non-collar topic, a very kind thank you to everyone who’s expressed such enthusiastic words about the wedding and flower tutorial from 100 Layer Cake, including Thoughtful Day, WashingtonianOh Happy Day, Not MarthaBrooklyn Bride, Lovely Bride, Delighted & Charmed, Rhonna Designs, Handmade Romance, Craft LovelySequins and Candy, My Floral Future, Diary of a Designer, Belle AmourCamille Styles, Weddings Guide, Frederick Weddings, and of course Ali Degraff Photography. As you can tell, it’s nice to talk about something we had been fixated upon for so long.